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Print Peppermint

Metal Card Samples Pack

Metal Card Samples Pack

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Includes 5 Great Metal Print Samples!
  • Black Metal
  • Gold Metal
  • Rose Gold Metal
  • Blue Metal
  • Wood+Metal Card
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FAQs - Metal Card Samples Pack



What is included in the Print Peppermint Metal Card Sample Pack

The Print Peppermint Metal Card Sample Pack includes 5 diverse metal samples, including black, gold, rose gold, blue, and red. Additionally, the sample pack includes a unique combination of raw stainless steel and cherry wood. All samples are laser etched and laser cut, with .5mm thickness (the wood+metal sample is .8mm). The backsides contain a text size guide, text weight guide, and line weight guide.

What type of metal is used in the Matte Black Coated Stainless Steel metal card sample?

The Matte Black Coated Stainless Steel metal card sample within the Print Peppermint Metal Card Sample Pack utilizes grade 304 stainless steel as its base material. This type of stainless steel offers excellent corrosion resistance properties, making it an ideal choice for metal cards. It has then been powder coated to create a matte black finish.

Are there any restrictions on the size of text that can be printed on each metal card?

No; there are no restrictions regarding what size text you can print on each metal card from the Print Peppermint Metal Card Sample Pack. The backsides include a text size guide, which gives you an overview of which sizes will work best for each material based on its thickness.

How durable are Blue Anodized Metal cards?

Blue Anodized Metal cards from the Print Peppermint Metal Card Sample Pack are extremely durable due to their anodizing process. Anodizing creates a layer of oxide on the surface of metals to protect them against corrosion and wear-and-tear over time. As such, these cards will remain vibrant and strong for years to come!

How can I get a Metal Card Sample Pack?

You can order our Metal Card Sample Pack via our website or call us directly to receive personal assistance. All orders come with free delivery options in most countries.

What is Wood+Metal sample included in this pack?

The Wood+Metal sample included in this pack merges a sheet of raw stainless steel with cherry wood creating an interesting contrast between natural beauty and glossy industrialism suitable for special applications such as furniture design or high-end packaging solutions . Each piece consists of two layers seamlessly attached together forming one unique item that only Print Peppermint can provide!

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