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Black Paper Samples

Black Paper Samples

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FAQs - Black Paper Samples


Black Papers Included In Sample Pack:

• Ultra-Black Uncoated (Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black)
• Dull Black Uncoated (Noble Black)
• Black Felt Marked (Munken Felt Uncoated)
• Dull Black Pinstripe (Saville Row Vertical Grain)
• Dark Speckled Gray (Fedrigoni Saville Row Plain)
• Black Onyx Suede (Soft-touch laminated)
• Black Crocodile (duplex to Ultra Black)
• Black Linen Uncoated
• Black Cotton (Cordenons / Wild Italy)
• Black Laid (Fedrigoni Murillo)
• Ebony & Ivory Ultra (Black Uncoated + Bright White Uncoated)
• Black Crystal (Cordenons Stardream Onyx)
• Recycled Black (Gmund Heidi Black)
• Black & Kraft (Ultra Black + Stone Kraftliner)
• Black Sand (Hyacinth Vivid Fine Sand Deep Black)
• Black Woo (Gmund Urban Wood - Brasilia Black)
• Black Leather (Gmund Leather - Coal)
• Black Stucco (Fedrigoni Tintoretto Black)


What is included in a Black Paper Sample Pack?

A Black Paper Sample Pack includes samples of various black paper types, all featuring silver foil stamping or PMS 877 metallic silver ink. Each sample is cut to 2" x 3.5", with a hole drilled and bound with a metal ring. The papers featured in the pack are sourced from premium paper mills such as Gmund, Hyacinth, Munken, Fedrigoni, and Cordenons. The pack also includes several textured black papers, including black linen, uncoated black paper, rich black vs dull black options, suede paper, wood grain texture paper, stipple paper, felt marked paper, leather textured paper, muted black pinstripe paper, crocodile skin textured paper, thick soft cotton paper for drawing on art papers such as Black Pearlized Stardream.

How many different types of papers are included in the Black Paper Sample Pack?

The Black Paper Sample Pack features 18 different types of papers from several high-end paper mills. This includes textured papers like black linen or uncoated black; rich blacks versus dull blacks; suede and woodgrain textures; stipple and felt marked; leather textures; muted pinstripes; crocodile skin textures; thick soft cotton, drawing or art papers, and Black Pearlized Stardream.

Are all of the samples cut to the same size?

Yes! All of the samples featured in the Black Paper Sample Pack are cut to 2" x 3.5" with a hole drilled and bound with a metal ring.

Why should I consider purchasing a Black Paper Sample Pack?

If you're looking for unique and high-quality materials for your next project or want to explore various styles of printing techniques like foil stamping or PMS 877 metallic silver ink - then our Black Paper Sample Pack is an excellent choice for you! You'll gain access to an array of exotic materials from some of the finest mills around - all at a fraction of their retail value!

How do I know which type of paper is right for my project?

We understand how overwhelming it can be when selecting the right material for your project - that's why we offer free creative consultation via phone or google meets! Our experienced design professionals can help you decide which type of material will best suit your needs - so don't hesitate to book yours today!

What print finishes are available on each sample?

Every sample included in our Black Paper Sample Pack features either silver foil stamping or PMS 877 metallic silver ink - making these ideal resources when experimenting with different print finishes!

Is there any way to get more details about each type of sample?

Yes! On our website we have detailed descriptions about each type of sample included in our Black Paper Sample Packs - so feel free to browse through them before making any decisions about which one might work best for your project!

Does this include shipping costs?

If your shipping address is located in the continental United States or the European Union, then yes shipping is included.

Is there customer support available if I have questions while using my samples?

Absolutely! Our friendly customer service team is always available via phone or email if you ever need help with anything related to your order - so don't hesitate to contact us anytime you need assistance!

What other materials are available besides paper?

In addition to our extensive range of papers we also carry various other materials such as canvas fabric board printing film printing fine art printing transparent plastic textile printing PVC foam board magnets stickers labels clear acrylics plus many more special substrates upon request. For further details please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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