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Fabric Banners

Fabric Banners

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Fabric Banners! ...If you're looking for maximum impact and incredible value, look no further than fabric banners!

100% Quality Guaranteed

We strive to produce high-quality products that not only meet, but exceed, our customers' expectations, but we understand that there may be times when you are not satisfied with your order. If you are not satisfied with your custom product, please contact us within 14 days of receiving your order and easily request a reprint or refund.
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Versatile Indoor Canvas or Polyester.

17mil canvas or 9oz polyester fabric can be either mounted or framed, have grommets or pole pockets, or have hems sewn into them – giving you options on how best to display your unique message.

Plus, printing on fabric is just plain cool. So don't wait - print your fabric banner today!

FAQs - Fabric Banners


Fabric Banners are available in the following materials:

  • 10mil Premium Indoor Vinyl—Matte
  • 13oz Scrim Outdoor Vinyl—Matte
  • 15oz Blockout Vinyl
  • 8oz Mesh Vinyl


Fabric Banners include the following available finishes:


  • Corners Only
  • Every 2 ft
  • Ever 1 ft

Pole Pockets

  • 2 in. or 4 in.
  • Top or Bottom / Left or Right


  • All 4 Sides
  • Top & Bottom Only

Backside Printing

  • (Blockout Vinyl Only)


Fabric Banners require: (2 - 4) Business Days* + Ship Time


* These are Averages based on our previous 12 months of orders.

By policy, we DO NOT GUARANTY TURNAROUND TIMES - there are simply too many factors outside of our control.

Please note, Ship Time is in addition to Production Time.

If you do have HARD DEADLINE, please reach out to our customer support before placing your order to confirm feasibility. 

Art Templates

Visit our archive of Blank Starter Templates


Visit our Help Center

How much do fabric banners cost?

Fabric banners vary in price, based on size and intricacy of design. Basic 3ft x 5ft fabric banners can start as low as $49, while larger custom designed fabric banners can cost up to $200 or more depending on the complexity of the design.

What materials are used to make fabric banners?

Fabric banners are typically printed using a dye-sublimation process on polyester-based fabrics such as nylon or polyester canvas. In some cases, other synthetic fabrics such as satin, vinyl or even leather may be used for certain types of banner designs.

3. How long does it take to print a fabric banner?

Fabric banners usually take anywhere from 5-7 business daysto print and ship, depending on the size of the banner and complexity of the design. If you need something faster you can try express shipping options which can get your banner to you after it's finished within 1-2 business days but will cost extra in most cases

4. Can I customize my own fabric banner?

Absolutely! You can create your own custom design at no extra charge with our online customization tools or upload your own artwork if you have something specific in mind that you want to use for your banner design.

We also offer professional graphic designers who can help bring your ideas to life if needed!

Is it possible to print double sided fabric banners?

Yes, we do offer double sided printing for most sizes and styles of fabric banners so you can showcase both sides of your message with one piece of equipment!

Double sided printing does come with an additional fee so please make sure to ask about this when placing your order.

What type of finishing options are available for fabric banners?

Finishing options for fabric banners include various grommet placements, reinforced hemming, sewing/stitching along edges and more depending on the specific style and size of the banner you’re ordering!

Sewing/stitching is often recommended for large format outdoor applications or if you plan on hanging/suspending the banner in high wind locations where extra reinforcement may be needed.

Where can I display my new fabric banner?

Fabric banners are very versatile and they’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor display needs so they look great just about anywhere! They’re popular at tradeshows, parties & special events, retail stores & boutiques, sporting venues & arenas…the list goes on really!

The key is finding an appropriate location that has enough space to accommodate the size of your banner without blocking any important paths or views – after all, no one likes walking into a wall!

Does my new fabric banner require any sort of maintenance?

The only maintenance required for most standard polyester-based material is regular dusting/spot cleaning with a damp cloth (water only!).

In certain cases such as vinyl or leather based material special cleaning solutions might be necessary so it's best to check with us beforehand if you're unsure what type material was used when making your banner – better safe than sorry after all!

  • Designer-Verified Artwork Proofs

    Every art file from every Fabric Banners order is hand-checked by our meticulous PrePress team.

  • Fast & FREE Temporary Prints

    Want something fancy but need something fast? That's why we offer free holdover prints for orders over $250.

  • 100% Hassle-Free Exchange Guaranty

    If you're not totally happy with your Fabric Banners, easily request a reprint or refund within 14 days.

  • Seriously Safe & Secure Payments

    We do everything in our power to keep your data safe. Full PCI compliance & data privacy standards.

Fabric Banners for every event or industry

Whether you're throwing a party or promoting your business, we have the perfect banner to make it memorable!

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