FAQs - Modern Business Cards

Where can I find modern business card design templates?

Well, if you don't want to hire our designers to work on your project then we would suggest you check out our favorite free design tool: canva.com. They have a section dedicated to modern business card templates here: https://www.canva.com/business-cards/templates/modern/

You can of course always create your own design in any software you please and send it to us for proofing.


Where can I make modern business cards?

Well right here of course! You found our website because you were looking to do something different and you weren't satisfied with the offering from the big guys. Order using your own design or have us build one for you.


Does Print Peppermint have modern business card designs?

Yes, Print Peppermint offers a small but useful selection of modern business card designs to choose from. Our online library of templates feature sleek and stylish looks that express a professional look and feel. You can also customize any template to create the exact aesthetic you are looking for.


Do you have any simple modern business card designs?

Of course! At Print Peppermint, we understand the importance of having simple yet beautiful business cards that represent your brand or profession in the best way possible. That's why we offer an array of modern business card templates that feature minimalistic layouts and eye-catching fonts that put all the focus on your key message and contact details without looking cluttered or busy.


What type of QR code options are available for my business cards?

We offer both static as well as dynamic QR codes for our print products including custom printed business cards at Print Peppermint . With static codes, the data will remain constant until changed manually by yourself while with dynamic codes, they are updated automatically each time they are scanned, making them perfect when used with call-to-action campaigns via digital channels such as websites or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram etc..

What type of exotic papers and materials can I use for my business cards?

At Print Peppermint, we provide customers with an array of high quality papers and materials like recycled paper stock, linen paper stock, cotton paper stock, suede paper stock, clear plastic PVC material and frosted vinyl material etc., just to name a few so that customers have plenty of options to create their ideal custom printed business cards.

Does Print Peppermint allow customers to order any custom size for their Business Cards?

Yes! We understand that every customer has a different requirement when it comes to size when ordering custom printed Business Cards from us here at Print Peppermint . Our standard sizes include 3" x 2", 3" x 4", 3" x 5", but if those sizes don’t fit your needs perfectly then simply select “Custom Size” when ordering online and let us know what size you require in the comments box upon checkout for maximum flexibility when creating the perfect Modern Business Card design for yourself or your company/brand!


Can I add special finishes such as foil stamping , embossing , die cutting , edge painting etc., on my Business Cards ?

Yes! Here at Print Peppermint , we offer a variety of special finishes on our Custom Printed Modern Business Cards including but not limited to foil stamping , embossing , die cutting , edge painting as well as Spot UV coating options so customers have plenty of choices available when creating their own one-of-a-kind Modern Business Card design which will be sure to stand out from all others! Just select any desired extras before adding items into your cart during checkout process so we can accommodate all request accordingly before printing ! Then, get ready for your perfect business card to arrive by post!


Is there any minimum quantity require when ordering Custom Printed Business Cards from Print Peppermint ?

No minimum quantity is required here at Print Peppermint , although orders above 500 pieces tends enjoy discounted pricing structure due to bulk savings achieved during manufacturing process ! As such even small start-up businesses with limited budget can still benefit from ordering professionally printed Modern Business Cards without breaking their bank balance !