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The Art and Science of Postcard Advertising: Are You Doing It Right?

Top Tips for Effective Postcard Advertising Campaigns

Has digital advertising made print advertising useless? Not at all! In fact, successful marketers know how to use digital and traditional methods to get the best results. Here's a look at how you can do postcard advertising right.

Many marketers seem to think that print advertising is becoming outdated. People say digital advertising is the only thing that matters these days.

While an online presence is important, the truth is that most successful businesses use both for the best results.

One fun and creative traditional method is the postcard ad. There are some things you need to know about the form before diving in.

Here's your guide to the art and science of postcard advertising.

Don't Miss Important Info

Before you get the design and strategy down, there are some basic things you need to include on your postcard.

The name of your business and contact information is essential. A customer needs to be able to look you up or find out more.

Specifying the product or service you're selling is also important. Even if you opt to keep it subtle, you should make sure people know what you have to offer. Being ambiguous or confusing will only confuse an audience.

Finally, a postcard ad should have some sort of call to action. This can be as simple as an easy URL that takes them to your site or a product page.

Focus on Design

First impressions matter. The design of your postcard is the most important part of crafting a perfect ad. If you have a beautiful design, your audience is less likely to toss your card in the trash.

There are several different types of postcard designs to choose from. Eco-friendly and hot foil cards are a creative alternative to your standard look.

Colorful designs are your best friend when it comes to postcard advertising.

They are what draw people in and highlight text. Using contrasting colors and fonts will create this effect.

Filling your card with too much text is a bad strategy. No one wants to read an essay on a postcard. It's best to stick to minimal text and focus on what's important.

Simplicity is also key when it comes to the headline and design. A postcard should be easy to read and catch people's attention right away.

Some postcards that look like ads may be effective. But sometimes people find them off-putting. Designing your ad not to look like one is a clever way to avoid that trap.

This is all in the design. Instead of using standard marketing-talk, try disguising the card as a letter from a friend or relative. Using a font that looks handwritten is one way to create a more casual, inviting look.

Get The Audience Involved

People don't want to just be sold to. They want to share their own thoughts and feel heard and engaged. That's why a pro tip for using postcards is to get your audience involved in some way.

This is where you can take risks and tailor the ad to your specific business. The goal is to try and compel your audience to learn more.

Putting some type of campaign, contest, or puzzle to solve on your card are some ways to excite customers. You can also ask them to send back their thoughts on a certain topic, or direct them to a comment page on your website.

Personalizing your postcards is another way to make audiences feel involved. Inserting their name somewhere is a perfect example of this.

Using your postcard creatively will also make it not appear like a straight-up advertisement.

Get Started With Postcard Advertising

The postcard you design will depend on your goals and what's right for your business. Now that you know the ins and outs of postcard advertising, it's time to get started.

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