What is the optimal resolution for printing?

The optimal resolution for printing is typically around 300 dots per inch (dpi). This resolution provides a good balance between image quality and file size, and it is sufficient for most printing applications.

When preparing images for printing, it is important to ensure that they are at least 300 dpi at the final printed size. If an image has a lower resolution, it may appear pixelated or blurry when printed, which can reduce the overall quality of the printed product.

It is also important to note that different printing processes may require different resolutions. For example, offset printing typically requires higher resolutions (300 dpi or higher) than digital printing (which can produce good results at lower resolutions). It is always a good idea to check with your printer to find out their specific resolution requirements.

By ensuring that your images are at least 300 dpi at the final printed size, you can help ensure that your printed products have the best possible image quality.