How does the Proof Approval process work?

Step 1: Review your digital art proof carefully. Make sure to look at the text, colors, and images used to ensure they are accurate and match your expectations before giving approval.

Step 2: Verify the content of your art proof is correct by reviewing any abbreviations, punctuation marks, or spelling errors. Ensure that all information is properly formatted and consistent with the production specifications you provided to Print Peppermint.

Step 3: Review the production specifications that you provided to Print Peppermint, such as the size, shape, paper type, number of pages, etc., and ensure that these specifications match what is shown on the art proof. Check for any discrepancies between what was requested and what was delivered in order to guarantee a successful printed product.

Step 4: Once you have thoroughly reviewed your digital art proof and verified all content and production specifications are accurate, provide approval for printing by submitting it on our website portal or contacting us via phone or email to speak with an expert member of our team about providing approval for printing. Alternatively, you can also use our live chat feature on our website for a faster reply from one of our experienced customer service agents who can help guide you through the approval process.

Step 5: Upon receiving approval from you via website submission form or contact method of choice (email/phone/chat), we will then create a final print-ready file which will be sent off for quality control checks before being printed by our production team. At this stage we will also double check that everything matches up with what was approved by you prior so that there are no discrepancies when it comes time for actual printing.

Step 6: Once your product has been printed and passed all necessary quality control checks, it will then be packaged up securely and shipped to its destination according to your instructions (shipping address given). You will receive an automated confirmation email once this has occurred so that you can track when your package should arrive at its destination.