FAQs -Thick Business Cards

Which thick papers do you offer?

Basically, we can glue multiple sheets of any of our papers together to create double, triple, quadruple, or even thicker papers. We can even mix and match paper types, for example, we could glue a red soft touch stock to a white uncoated cotton stock? Getting the picture now?

How thick are business cards?

Most business cards are typically 16pt thats .016" or .40mm metric. In our opinion thick cards start to become truly thick around 32pt or .8mm. In reference to the paper weight you might be looking for something in the neighborhood of 220 lb cover or 700 g card stock in the EU.

Do you make ultra thick business cards?

We certainly can. We would say "ultra thick" starts around 48pt and can go up as high as you can afford. To give you some reference the standard thickness for a drink coaster in a bar is 64pt.

Can my thick business cards have a colored edge?

Absolutely! Thick business cards with colored edges are quite the trend these days, and we have all the options to make sure you look your very best.

We carry a wide range of stock standard colors that work great for this purpose - from deep navy blue to hot pink, you’re sure to find something that grabs attention in no time. In addition to our list of popular hues, if you’re looking for something truly unique and special for your presentation, we also offer custom PMS color matching services as well.

The thick cardstock material enables us to coat or foil-stamp the edges with whichever color suits your brand and tastes best while making sure they last longer against general wear and tear. This process gives the business card an extra special touch which will be remembered by potential clients and colleagues alike - a perfect way to leave a lasting impression!

Do you offer thick plastic business cards?

Yes we do, please visit our plastic business cards page. You'll want to go for our 30pt plastic if thick and rigid is your goal.

Double Thick vs Triple Thick?

Double thick cards are typically 32 pt (0.032 inches) or .80mm. Triple thick cards are typically 48 pt (0.048 inches) or 1.2mm. But, we can go even thicker than that if you want to ensure you have the fattest cards in the world.

Do you make thick square business cards?

Yes nearly all of our standard papers and certainly all the custom papers can be trimmed to a square - typically 2.5" x 2.5".

Do you make thick business cards with foil?

Yes in our custom production line we can combine any custom paper, with any thickness of your choosing, and any foil color from our vast collection.

Can thick cards have rounded edges?

Yes, they sure can. No different than our standard horizontal cards.

Do you make thick metal business cards?

Yes we do, we start at .5mm but also offer 0.8mm standard on our site but can produce card of much higher thickness even exceeding 1.5mm if you require. Please see our metal business card product page and if those options don't suffice, please fill out our custom quote form.

Can thick business cards be on black paper?

Totally! You can choose any of our black paper from rich black uncoated to black soft touch to black crocodile and you can select any custom thickness you require.

How does embossing work on thick cards?

This is an interesting question that takes a little bit of explanation. The short answer is that often debossing (pushing inward/downward) works better on thicker pieces. If you deboss the inversion or negative space around your object or text you have essentially embossed it anyways... so sometimes just a bit of cleverness in how you set up your art is required.

For those who really do want to keep embossing (raised / outward) effect ... you need to know that the effect will be quite a bit more subtle than it otherwise would be on a thing single layer paper stock. You see, to make fat papers we often glue two sheets of card stock together, in order to do this they are squeezed and trimmed in the hydraulic cutter. This squeezing pressure can reduce the height of any embossed areas a bit, thus undoing the work. It is for this reason that we often recommend sticking with debossings for projects using thicker paper.

Can you make thick linen business cards?

Yes for sure, simply choose our double thick or triple thick option in the premium product mode or request a custom quote if you want to go higher than triple thick.

Do you offer thick recycled business cards?

Sure! Although our singly ply 18pt kraft stock is only partially recycled, our double thick and triple thick stock utilize a different stock which is 100% recycled. If you need a white recycled stock for your design, not a problem, there are quite a few to choose from, simply fill out our quote request form. There are also some beautiful pre-dyed colored stock that are 100% recycled as well, they have a beautiful muted effect.

Do you make thick wooden business cards?

Yes we do! Please visit our wood business cards product page to find our 3 standard thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm up to 1.2mm. If you require something heavier than that, please fill out our quote request form.