FAQs - Spot UV Business Cards

What is spot UV and how is it used in business cards?

Spot UV is a way to print by putting a thin layer of UV (ultraviolet) varnish on a certain part of a printed piece to make it look shiny and raised. It can be used to make business cards more interesting and tactile and to make certain parts of the design stand out.

Can I use spot UV for any type of business card design?

Spot UV can be used to improve many different kinds of business card designs, from those that are simple and sleek to those that are bold and graphic. It works best when used to draw attention to certain design elements, like logos or text, instead of the whole card.

What colors of spot UV are available for business cards?

Spot UV is usually done with a clear or glossy finish, or with our "dusting" technique. By applying a special varnish to some parts of your printed piece and then coating it with an ultrafine powder, you can get shimmery matte results that stay in place when heated.

How do I design a business card with spot UV?

When making a business card with spot UV, it's important to make a separate layer (called a Mask file) for the spot UV parts of the card in your design file. Make a pdf file that is all black and white by setting the color value of all black areas to K = 100% (C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100).

Black areas show where you want the finish to go, while white areas won't get any finish.

This makes it easier for your printer to put the spot UV on the card correctly. It's also a good idea to keep your business card design simple and graphic, since spot UV works best when it's used to bring attention to certain design elements.

Are spot UV business cards durable?

Spot UV business cards are just as durable as regular business cards as long as they are handled with care. They won't fade or change color, either, so they will keep looking great for years to come.

Can I print full-color designs with spot UV?

Yes, you can use spot UV to print full-color designs. Spot UV varnish will be used to add a glossy finish to certain parts of the printed design, giving it a sleek and professional look.

How can I make my spot UV business cards stand out?

Consider pairing your spot UV business cards with other unique print finishes, like embossing or hot foil, to really make them stand out.

Can you use spot uv on any kind of paper?

Spot UV printing works best with coated papers like soft-touch, silk, or matte. This is because the coating helps protect the paper and gives the varnish a smooth surface to stick to. But, if you want to use spot uv on uncoated papers, we often recommend using a clear raised thermographic ink which has a very similar look to raised spot uv, just a little more of a bumpy texture.