FAQs -Soft Touch Business Cards

What are soft touch business cards?

Soft touch business cards have been around for a while now, and they are gaining popularity with businesses as an impressive yet cost-efficient way to make an impact. Soft touch business cards are made from a matte laminated finish that is both durable and water-resistant. It gives the card an almost rubbery texture, making it feel additional luxurious when compared to more traditional paper cards. 

Can you write on soft touch business cards?

Absolutely! When it comes to writing on soft touch business cards, most pens and markers will do the trick. However, pencils can be a bit tricky as they won't always adhere to the smooth surface of the card.

A little extra care and drying time may be necessary to avoid smudging.

Silk vs suede business cards?

When it comes to business cards, you have a tough decision to make. Silk or suede? When deciding between these two finishes, there are a few things you should consider.

First, both silk and suede business cards typically come with a matte lamination; the difference lies in their texture. If you’re looking for something classic but interesting, silk cards may be right for you - even Apple uses them! Silk is known for its smoothness and subtle shine which adds an elegant flair to any card design.

On the other hand, if you want your business card to stand out even more than usual then suede could be worth considering. As opposed to being silky-smooth like their counterparts; suede's almost rubbery feel makes it stand out in terms of texture amongst other materials used for business cards.

Soft touch vs Suede vs Velvet ... what's the difference?

They are all the exact same thing just different names marketed by different people in the industry.

Peppermint vs Vistaprint vs Moo soft touch business cards... What's the difference?

Vistaprint's soft touch cards come in at 300g weight whereas Moo's and Print Peppermints will be closer to 400g.

Both Moo and Peppermint allow for raised spot gloss or raised foil to be applied to the 20 pt soft touch stock.

Moo offers gold and silver, whereas Peppermint offers gold, silver, and holographic raised foil.

The other main difference is that with Print Peppermint, if you choose the premium route you can upgrade the thickness of the paper to double thick 32pt and pair the raised foil with any of our other finishes such as: die cutting, embossing, edge painting, and more.

Do you offer thick 32pt soft touch or 32pt suede business cards?

Yes we do, simply choose the "Premium" product mode and easily upgrade your soft touch card to double thick 32pt or triple thick 48pt. If you require even thicker than that, please fill out our custom quote request form.

Do you ship soft touch business cards to Toronto?

Yes we do ship soft touch products to Toronto via our Texas location.

Do you offer black suede business cards?

Yes we do! You can choose black suede paper on our black business cards page. Or if your design requires, we can also start with a white suede paper and flood it with black ink, as well as paint the edges black to match.

Can suede business cards have spot uv?

Yes! Matte laminated cards are a perfect match for spot uv as the smooth uniform surface allows for a perfect and even application.

Can suede business cards be printed with foil?

Yes! We offer in our standard products a 20pt soft touch with raised foil or in our premium collection you can add true hot foil stamping in more than 45 colors to a soft touch stock of any custom thickness.

Soft suede vs hard suede business cards?

All our soft touch laminated cards will have the same soft rubbery texture. If you are interested in making your cards hard or stiff, we can only recommend to increase the thickness - starting at 32pt and going up from there.

Do you have cheap suede business cards?

Our cheapest suede cards would be the standard 20pt with full color printing on 1 or 2 sides and no special finishes added.

Do you offer white suede business cards?

Yes, technically all our suede cards start out white before getting printed except for our pre-dyed black suede or colored suede paper stocks.

Do you ship suede business cards to the London / UK?

Yes we do, via our Berlin location.

Do you ship suede business cards to Toronto?

Yes we do, via our Texas location.

How do I make luxury suede business cards?

First off, choose our "Premium" product mode. This will open up all sorts of options such as double thick paper, foil stamping, die cutting, edge painting, and more. If you still don't find what you need please request a custom quote via our form.

What are onyx suede business cards?

The "onyx" part refers to the darkness of the black suede laminated paper stock. There are a few different black suede stocks being used across the internet and the Onyx version means the black should be super rich and dark.