FAQs - Postcards

What size are Print Peppermint postcards?

Our postcards can be printed in a variety of sizes, from the standard 4” x 6” up to 12.5” x 19”. We also offer custom sizes to meet your exact specifications.

How much does it cost to send postcards?

The cost of sending postcards depends on their size and weight, as well as the distance they must travel. Generally speaking, a 4” x 6” postcard with a first-class stamp costs $0.35 to mail within the United States.

Can I print my own custom postcards?

Absolutely! We provide full customization options for our customers, allowing you to create and print your own personalized design from scratch or make changes to one of our templates – all at an affordable price point.

How do I write a message on my postcard?

Depending on your preference, you can either hand-write or type out any message you wish on your postcard before sending it off – just be sure that it fits within the designated text area provided.


What is the best way to use postcards for save-the-dates?

Postcards are perfect for announcing important events like weddings and birthdays! Include all the necessary details – date, time, location – along with beautiful artwork or photos on the front side, then add any additional information inside such as dress code or gift registry if necessary – and voila!

You have yourself a memorable Save The Date invitation!

What are some creative ideas for using custom postcards?

Custom printed postcards can be used in lots of different ways - from marketing campaigns and direct mailings for businesses to unique holiday cards and even as a form of art showcasing photographs or illustrations that are meaningful to you!

There's almost no limit when it comes to putting together creative designs with our custom printing options – so get creative and explore all possibilities!


Do I need special postage stamps for mailing out postcards?

No; regular denominations will work just fine when mailing out most standard sized (4"x6") cardstock printed items.

However if your card is larger than this size (or made from heavier stock), then you may need special extra postage stamps depending on its weight and size;

We suggest consulting directly with USPS about specific requirements prior to mailing out any large orders of custom printed pieces..

How do I go about designing my own blank/real estate/Christmas/etcetera themed postcard?

Our website offers many customizable options when it comes to creating your own unique design;

You can choose which paper type and finishings best suit your needs while uploading images/illustrations/texts into one easy template - giving plenty of freedom when crafting your design masterpiece without compromising quality in print production!

From real estate agencies looking to promote their listings in style to holiday greetings meant specifically for family & friends - whatever project you have in mind we can make it happen while ensuring maximum quality & satisfaction!