FAQs - Plastic Cards Samples Pack

What type of plastic card samples do you offer?

Our plastic card sample pack includes a wide variety of solid white opaque, frosted semi-transparent, and full clear plastics. We also have the ability to add spot white ink, foil stamping, magnetic strip and data load, embossed text and numbers with silver or gold tipping, add NFC chip, and rounded corners included and recommended for safe handling. All our cards are waterproof and stiff rigid. In terms of size and thickness we offer 20 pt or .38mm cards as well as 30 pt or .76mm cards which can be printed out in the standard credit card size.

Are plastic cards long lasting?

Yes! The quality of our plastic cards is designed to withstand wear and tear which makes them very durable in comparison to paper or cardboard stock options. Our thick 20 pt or .38 mm card option will last even longer than the standard 30 pt or .76 mm card option.

Can I use plastic cards for unique business cards?

Yes! Many customers use our plastic cards as unique business cards due to their durability and various design options like foil stamping that stands out from regular paper stock business cards. Our print finishes also make it easy to include all kinds of details about your company on one card such as contact info, logo, website address etc..

What other uses are there for plastic cards?

Aside from being used as unique business cards they can also be used for vip membership cards, gift cards, hotel room keycards, warranty card implementations – really the applications are endless!

Is there a customization available with plastic card printing?

Absolutely! With our free creative consultation via phone or google meet you can easily customize your plastic printing project by choosing a range of papers as well as adding special print finishes such as foil stamping and spot white ink onto both side of the card if desired. We also offer embossed text and numbers with silver or gold tipping along with additional features like magnetic strips for data loading or even NFC chips if needed.

Are the corners of your plastic prints rounded?

Yes - all our prints include rounded corners for safe handling which makes them perfect for gifting purposes too!

Are these waterproof prints?

Yes - all our prints are waterproof so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged by moisture in any way shape or form.

How thick are your print options?

We offer two different thicknesses - 20 pt (0.38mm) and 30 pt (0.76mm). Both sizes adhere to the standard credit card size so they're perfect for any kind of implementation you might have planned in mind!