FAQs - Neon Business Cards

What is neon paper and how is it used in business cards?

Neon paper is a special kind of paper that has a coating of a fluorescent pigment that gives it a bright neon color. It can be used to make unique business cards that will get people's attention and stick in their minds.

Can I use neon paper for any type of business card design?

Neon paper works best for bold, graphic designs that show off the paper's bright, vivid colors. Neon paper might not be the best choice if you want to make a business card that is more subtle or traditional.

What colors of neon paper are available for business cards?

Business cards can be made in many neon colors, such as neon pink, neon green, neon orange, and neon yellow. You can choose just one color or mix and match different colors to make a design that is truly unique and stands out.

How do I design a business card with neon paper?

When making a business card with neon paper, it's important to remember that the bright colors of the paper will be the main focus of your design. Keep your design simple and graphic, and if you want the neon colors to really stand out, use only black or white ink.

Are neon paper business cards durable?

If you handle neon paper business cards with care, they will last just as long as traditional business cards. They won't fade or change color, either, so they will keep looking great for years to come.

Can I print full-color designs with neon paper?

The bright neon colors of the paper will be the main focus of your design, so keep it simple and graphic to make the most of the neon effect.

How can I make my neon paper business cards stand out?

Think about adding foil stamping or embossing to your neon paper business cards or other unique print finishes to really make them stand out. Foil edges are also great.