FAQs - Metallic Stickers

What do metallic stickers made with?

Metallic stickers are typically made from vinyl or a vinyl-coated material.

How many different colors are there for metallic stickers?

They come in many different colors, such as gold, silver, holographic, and many more.

Can metallic stickers last for a long time?

Yes, metallic stickers tend to be strong and last a long time, but the length of time they last depends on the quality of the materials and how they are used.

Can you put metallic stickers outside or inside?

Both. Depending on the type of glue used, some metallic stickers can be used inside and others can be used outside.

How do I put on stickers made of metal?

It's easy to put on metallic stickers. You just clean the surface, peel off the backing paper, and stick the sticker on the surface.

Is it okay to put metallic stickers on cars or other vehicles?

Yes, metallic stickers can be used on cars and other vehicles as long as the surface is clean and smooth and the adhesive is made for that surface.

Can metallic stickers be taken off without leaving behind a sticky mess?

Yes, but it depends on what kind of glue is used. Some glues are less likely to leave a sticky residue than others.

Do metallic stickers need to be taken care of in a certain way?

The care instructions depend on what kind of adhesive is used and where the sticker is put. In general, it's best to avoid putting stickers in direct sunlight or extreme heat for long periods of time.

Can metallic stickers be used on fabric?

It depends on the type of glue used. Some glues can be used on fabrics, but others can't.  Check with our customer service if you need fabric stickers.

What are the benefits of metallic stickers?

  • You'll shine like a star with them: You'll stand out like a diamond in a coal mine with these sparkly babies.
  • You can put them on a lot of different things, like your laptop, water bottle, car, or even your cat. (but first make sure the cat doesn't mind)
  • They last a long time: Unlike your New Year's resolutions, these stickers are made to last.
  • These stickers are like a magnet for people's eyes; everyone will want to know where you got them.
  • They are great for branding. If you own a business, these stickers will make your brand look like a million bucks... or at least like a few hundred bucks.
  • They are easy to use. All you have to do is peel and stick. No need to call a pro, unless you have a fear of sticky things.
  • They are a great way to start a conversation. Instead of talking about the weather, you can talk about these stickers with strangers.
  • They are great for customizing because you can make your own designs and make them unique. You'll be the only one in town with a "I <3 my cat" sticker on your car if it's made of metal.
  • They are great for getting your point across: You can show the world that you're a gold person, a holographic person, or whatever kind of person you want to be with metallic stickers.

Are metallic stickers safe?

Well, let's just say that as long as you don't try to cook them on the stove, or let your pet eat them for breakfast, you should be just fine. Oh, and don't forget to check the local laws before putting them on your car. If you don't, you might end up with a shiny sticker on your ticket!