FAQs - Letterpress Save the Dates

What are some examples of save the date cards?

Save the date cards typically feature a simple and elegant design to help announce your upcoming wedding or event. With Print Peppermint, you can choose from a variety of unique and beautiful letterpress save the date cards, ranging from traditional designs such as floral or monogrammed to creative typography and modern illustrations. We also offer options such as foil stamping, die cutting, embossing and spot UV to elevate your design even further.

Where can I print my letterpress holiday card?

At Print Peppermint, we specialize in letterpress printing for all occasions, including special holidays. Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom design for your card that is sure to impress family and friends alike. We have an extensive selection of paper materials and finishes that will make your card stand out from the rest.

Where should I go to print save the dates?

Print Peppermint is your one-stop shop for all your save the date needs! Our extensive collection of exotic papers and materials coupled with any combination of interesting and complex print finishes makes us the perfect choice for creating memorable cards that are sure to get noticed. Plus, our free creative consultation via phone or Google Meet ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for!

Can I see some examples of save the date envelope designs?

Of course! At Print Peppermint we pride ourselves on crafting envelopes that are just as memorable as the cards they contain. You can choose from beautifully printed envelopes featuring intricate details such as foil stamping, die cutting or edge painting; or opt for something more subtle like embossed lettering or a shimmery spot UV finish. Your guests will be delighted when they open their mailboxes!

Does Print Peppermint offer letterpress greeting cards?

Absolutely! We specialize in creating custom letterpress greeting cards that are sure to impress your friends and family during any occasion. Choose from our unique selection of paper materials as well as intricate finishing touches such as foil stamping, die cutting, embossing or spot UV to make your card truly one-of-a-kind.

Is it possible to create my own personalized letterpress invitations DIY style?

Yes! Let our team of experts guide you through creating custom invitations that reflect your individual style while maintaining high print quality standards. We offer a variety of options so no matter what type of event you're planning – from weddings to birthdays – we have something special just for you.

How should I go about writing out my save the date envelopes?

For best results when writing out save the date envelopes, start by using correct spelling and grammar – no typos allowed! Have fun with it by adding flourishes or special words if desired; but remember not to cram too much information onto a single line (such as full names) so there's still room left over for stamps and postage marks. Finally, use an archival pen or marker like a Copic marker if available; otherwise regular markers should do just fine!

How much does letterpress cost?

The cost varies depending on how complex your project is – factors such as size & quantity requested, paper type & color choices used affect pricing significantly; however generally speaking prices range anywhere between $500-$10K+. Design consultations are free at Print Peppermint so feel free to reach out anytime if you need help getting started on customizing yours today!

Where can I print my save the date postcards?

Print Peppermint offers a wide variety of printed stationery goods including postcards perfect for announcing upcoming events like weddings or birthday parties! Our expert team will work with you every step along the way in order ensure that each aspect related to making sure these postcards look incredible down to every detail - from choosing high quality paper stock & ink colors used all way up until printing process itself - is taken into account before production begins which guarantees satisfaction every time!

Can I hand write my save the date envelopes instead?

Yes, you can hand write your save the date envelopes instead of having them printed. Handwriting your save the dates can add a personal touch and make your invitation feel more unique and intimate. However, if you have a large guest list or have poor handwriting, it may be time-consuming and difficult to handwrite all of the envelopes. In such cases, you can consider printing the envelopes or enlisting the help of a calligrapher.