FAQs - Layered Business Cards

What are layered business cards?

Layered business cards have two layers of cardstock with a layer of colored paper in between.

How do you make layered business cards

Layered business cards are made by printing the different parts of the card on separate sheets of paper or cardstock and then gluing the layers together.

What are some benefits of using Layered business cards?

Layered business cards can give your design something unique and eye-catching, and they can also make your card more durable.

Can you design my layered business cards?

Definitely! We have designers on staff who are ready to help you make beautiful cards.

Can I print layered business cards at home?

Layered business cards can be printed at home, but it can be hard to get professional results without special equipment. Print Peppermint is the place to go if you want layered business cards of excellent quality.

What kind of paper should I use for my layered business cards?

Our Standard is a white card with a colored card in the middle. But there are so many things that you could do! You can use any color of paper at the top, bottom, or in the middle.