FAQs - Large Format Materials Samples

What is included in your large format substrate sample pack?

Our large format substrate sample pack includes a wide range of materials, including 8mil Low-Tack Wall Graphic, 20mil Aluminum Floor Graphics, 4mil Flexible Vinyl Floor Graphics, 4mil High Tack Adhesive Vinyl, 4mil Bumper Stickers, 10mil Premium Indoor Vinyl & Matte 13oz Scrim Outdoor Vinyl—Matte, 15oz Blockout Vinyl, 8oz Mesh Vinyl, 9mil Backlit Poster - Gloss, 8mil Photo paper—Gloss OR 12PT C2S Blockout Posters, 3/16" Foamcore (Foam Board), 3mm White PVC Rigid Sign, 4mm Coroplast, 6mil See-Through Window Vinyl, 7mil White Window Cling. 8mil Clear Window Cling. 8mil Opaque Window Graphic. 17 mil Artist Canvas and 30 mil Car Magnet and 7.9 oz Water Resistant Event Tent Fabric.

What type of adhesives do you use with the large format substrates samples?

We only use high quality adhesives with our large format substrate samples that are designed to securely adhere to multiple surface types across various applications. Our adhesives include; 8 mil Low-Tack Wall Graphic for Walls & Smooth Surfaces; 20 mil Aluminum Floor Graphics for Floors & Stairs; 4 mil Flexible Vinyl Floor Graphics for Non-Smooth Floors; 4 mil High Tack Adhesive Vinyl for Harder Surfaces; and 4 mil Bumper Stickers for Automobile Applications.

What type of banners does your large format substrate sample pack include?

In our large format substrate sample pack you will find a variety of banners such as 10 mil Premium Indoor Vinyl and Matte 13 oz Scrim Outdoor Vinyl—Matte, 15 oz Blockout vinyl , 8 oz Mesh vinyl and 9 Mil Backlit Poster - Gloss. These banners can be used both indoors or outdoors depending on the application needed. All banners are made with high quality materials that are designed to withstand the elements and last through any condition or environment it may be exposed to.

Are there any rigid signs included in your large format substrate sample pack

Yes! Our sample packs include 3/16" Foamcore (Foam Board), 3 mm White PVC Rigid Sign , 4 mm Coroplast which are all very sturdy and able to retain their shape when under pressure or when exposed to harsh weather conditions making them ideal for long lasting signages both indoors and outdoors without having to worry about them getting ruined easily .

Are there any window graphics included in your large format substrate sample pack?

Yes indeed! In our Large Format Substrate Sample Pack we include 6 mil See-Through Window Vinyl , 7 mil White Window Cling , 8 mill Clear Window Cling , 8 mill Opaque Window Graphic , all designed specifically for custom window graphics that allow light transmission while still providing vibrant colours without distorting over time when exposed to direct sunlight .

Are there any canvas products included in your Large Format Substrate Sample Pack ?

Yes! Our Large Format Substrate Sample Pack also includes 17 Mill Artist Canvas which is an ideal choice for those looking for a more durable printed canvas product that can be hung up around the home or office . It features tear proof qualities as well as fade resistant properties meaning it will remain looking great even after years of exposure .

Does your Large Format Substrate Sample Pack contain any car magnet material ?

Yes! We also provide 30 mill Car Magnet material which is perfect for those needing signage specifically tailored towards cars . This material has been designed so that it stays firmly attached while still being easy enough to remove without damaging the surface below . Plus it's highly weatherproof ensuring it won't fade over time no matter how much heat or moisture it is exposed too !