FAQs - Laptop Stickers

What kind of laptop stickers does Print Peppermint offer?

Print Peppermint offers custom-cut laptop stickers for both indoor and outdoor applications. Customers can choose from a wide variety of specialty stocks including matte, gloss, uncoated, vinyl, metallic and more with special finishes like lamination, foil stamping and embossing available upon request.

Are there any examples or ideas of cool or cute laptop sticker designs?

Yes! Print Peppermint’s website has several resources full of inspiring images to help you come up with ideas for your custom laptop sticker design such as abstract geometric patterns, personalized monograms, vintage-inspired artwork or even a bold quote.

How do I remove my laptop stickers?

For easy removal, Print Peppermint recommends using a hairdryer to heat the sticker before gently peeling it away from the surface of your device. If you are having difficulty removing your stickers, contact our customer support team for more assistance.

Can I get customized laptop stickers for Macs or PCs?

Yes! All of our laptop stickers are compatible with Macs and PCs alike so you can customize them however you wish regardless of whether you own a Macbook or PC laptop computer.

Do I need to prepare my cover before applying the decal?

Before applying any decal to your computer’s cover, make sure that the surface is clean and free from dust and debris that could affect adhesion or cause scratches during the application process. You may also want to consider lightly buffing the surface with a soft cloth prior to application in order to make sure that it makes a strong bond with the adhesive backing on your decal.

How long will my custom-made laptop stickers last?

The lifespan of each individual sticker will vary depending on its material composition as well as environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature fluctuations but they can last anywhere between five months up to one year on average without fading or losing their adhesive properties too quickly when applied correctly following our suggested instructions for installation and maintenance over time .

Are there any special care instructions I should follow when using these laptop stickers?

Yes – it is important to avoid scratching or rubbing the sticker directly with sharp objects or abrasive surfaces as this could affect its quality over time which may reduce its lifespan significantly if not done properly . Additionally , always clean off any dirt , dust , oils , etc., immediately after applying it onto your device's cover so that they won't interfere with adhesion strength .

What materials are used in creating these custom-cut laptop stickers?

Print Peppermint’s custom-cut laptop stickers are made from high quality vinyl stock materials ranging from matte , gloss , uncoated , metallic , foil stamped , laminated and more – all designed to withstand extreme temperatures , UV exposure , moisture & abrasion . These materials have been carefully tested for durability & longevity ensuring the best possible results for our customers .

How much does it cost to order custom-cut notebook/laptop sticker from Print Peppermint ?

Prices may vary depending on size & complexity of design but generally we have very competitive rates starting at $2 per square inch plus additional charges based upon materials used & any additional finishes requested - making us an affordable option no matter what type of project you're working on !

Does Print Peppermint offer bulk discounts if I'm ordering multiple customized notebook / laptop stickers ?

Yes ! We offer discounted prices when ordering twelve (12) or more cutouts in one single purchase – so be sure to take advantage of this great value if you need large quantities !