FAQs - Holographic Stickers

How are holographic stickers made?

Holographic stickers can be created in two captivating ways. For a full-on hologram glow, use specialty adhesive stock and print your design with dark ink colors - like jet black! To isolate the effect to certain elements of your sticker, choose any stock you love and stamp on text or designs using dazzling holo foil. Each option will make all its viewers say 'wow!'

What are holographic stickers?

Holographic stickers are a type of adhesive sticker that have an eye-catching, 3D effect with a rainbow iridescence. Each sticker is printed in vibrant colors and the iridescent layers create a unique look depending on how it reflects light. The result is an incredibly striking design that stands out from the rest!

How can I order custom holographic stickers from Print Peppermint?

At Print Peppermint, you can easily customize your holographic stickers online or contact our team directly if you need more complex designs or materials. We offer a wide selection of substrate and finish options to make sure your holographic sticker meets all of your needs.

What types of paper are available for making holographic stickers?

We offer a variety of papers to choose from when creating custom holographic stickers with Print Peppermint, including glossy, matte, vinyl, metallic, uncoated and more! Each type of paper provides its own unique look and feel for your finished product.

What finishes can be used for my custom holographic sticker?

At Print Peppermint we offer a variety of specialty finishes to enhance the look of your custom holographic sticker, such as lamination, foil stamping and embossing! These specialty finishes add extra dimensionality to your sticker and will really make it stand out in any situation!

Are there any examples or samples I can view before ordering my custom holographic sticker?

Absolutely! Our website has a gallery showcasing some examples of our previous customers' orders so you can get an idea of what your final product may look like before committing to it! Additionally, we also provide some free sample packs so you can try out different paper types before placing an order with us!

How long does it take to print my custom hologram sticker?

Our turnaround times depend on the complexity of the job - usually between 4-7 business days after artwork approval has been received for standard orders. However, if you're looking for quicker delivery times please let us know and we'll do our best to meet your needs!

Do I need special software or tools to create my own custom design?

No special software is required when creating your own custom design; however, there are several graphic design apps available which may help to streamline the design process if needed. Additionally, our team at Print Peppermint provides assistance for designing projects if that's something you'd like help with as well!

Is there any way I can save money when ordering multiple prints or larger quantities?

Yes - bulk discounts are available when ordering large quantities or multiple prints at once through Print Peppermint! Contact us directly and we'll be happy to provide detailed information about our bulk discount rates depending on the size and scope of your project!

Are there any creative tips or ideas I should consider when designing my own custom hologram sticker?

When coming up with creative ideas for designing a custom hologram sticker for yourself or someone else, consider incorporating elements such as textures and gradients into the background layer - this will give the finished product added depth and complexity while still retaining its uniqueness and eye-catching appeal! Additionally take advantage of any overlapping shapes and shadows that may be included in order further enhance the overall look and feel of the final product.

Are there any other products offered by Print Peppermint besides printing services specifically designed around creating holograms stickers?

Yes - in addition to offering printing services specifically designed towards creating stunningly beautiful customized hologram stickers ,Print Peppermint also offers specialty packaging solutions such as rigid boxes & mailers, folding cartons & trays as well as eco friendly options like recycled paper bags & mailing tubes which adds another level beauty & convenience for whatever project you're working on !