FAQs - Folded Business Cards

What kind of folds do you offer?

We offer a half fold, tri fold and custom fold. A half fold is when the paper is folded in half and a tri-fold is when the paper is folded accordion style into thirds. A custom fold can be anything that you want it to be!

Will my cards ship already folded?

Most of the time pieces are scored and shipped flat. For premium orders you can request the pieces be already folded in some cases.

Are folded business cards a good idea?

Yes! Especially if you need more real estate to share your info. A folded business card is a great way to cram in a lot of information while still looking polished and professional. Plus, it's an easy way to stand out from the competition.

How can I create top vertical folded business cards?

Simply choose the 2" x 7" folded size and rotate your design so that it reads top to bottom starting from the 2" side.

Do you offer folded business cards template?

If you mean a blank starter template... yes! If you mean customizable design templates, also yes, but we only have a small curated group. If you don't find one that works for you, you can always hire our design team to create a custom design template for you.

Can you produce custom folds?

We dang sure can! Please fill out our request a quote form and we'll send you a custom offer, usually within 48 hours.

Where can I find a folded business cards mockup?

There are a ton of great folded business card mockups out there! A quick search on Google will bring up tons of results. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. https://www.behance.net/gallery/ foldedsidemadeeasy/ …
2. http://graphicburger.com/ folded-business-card-mockup /
3. https://creativemarket.com/ patrisyu/1497534-Folded- Business-Card-Mockup?u timestamp=149852780000&utm_source= CreativeMarket&utm_medium= RSS&utm_campaign=CreativeMarket& Creativ 

Are uneven folded business cards possible?

Yes, uneven folded business cards are definitely possible! In fact, we offer a wide range of custom folding options here at Print Peppermint. Simply fill out our custom quote form and one of our printing experts will be happy to help.

Are double folded business cards possible?

Sure! Please request a custom quote for pricing.

Do you ship folded business cards to the UK?

Yes we do ship folded cards to the UK via our Berlin location.

Can I make square folded business cards?

Yes you can! Please fill out our custom quote form.

Are multi folded business cards possible?

Yes, same as double folded cards - please request a custom quote.

Can I make blank folded business cards?

Yes we can also do that just let us know you want them blank after you've submitted your order... or via our quote request form.

Can I add spot uv to my folded business cards?

Yes you can, and any other finishes you like using our premium level folded cards.

Do you offer eco friendly folded business cards?

We can print folded cards on 100% recycled paper, brown kraft, seed paper, and countless others.

Do you offer silk folded business cards?

Yes we do, choose our standard product offering or request a custom quote.