FAQs - Foil Business Cards

What are foil business cards?

Using foil business cards to promote your business is a unique, eye-catching, and creative way to do so. They have metallic foil accents in bright colors that catch the eye of potential customers and clients.
Foil business cards can be printed on glossy paper, matte paper, coated cardstock, uncoated cardstock, or plastic. In the foiling process, the material is heated and pressed with non-toxic inks that have metal particles in them.
This can make different effects, like shiny copper lines or pastel colors with silver highlights. This means that each card is different from the others and one of a kind.

What color foils do you have?

When it comes to foils, we have many different colors to choose from. Black, silver, and gold are our most popular colors, but we also have bronze, copper, red, blue, purple, and even pastel colors like pink and baby blue.
Depending on the project you're working on and the color scheme you have in mind for your design or product packaging, we have a foil that can give any project a nice, professional finish.

In addition to the traditional foil colors, there are also options like "holographic" foils that come in different rainbow colors or patterns to give your design project even more options!
Holographic foils are made of tiny pieces of metal that reflect different colors of light, making them look almost iridescent for more sparkle and shine.
With these unique features, you can be sure that any product packaging you have in mind, from small consumer goods to large promotional prints, will look better and make a stronger statement.
Here's a video of our most used colors:

What are embossed foil business cards

Embossed foil business cards are made with a process that includes embossing and hot stamping. Most of the time, this kind of card is used in a professional setting, and it can give you a more polished look in a professional setting.

With embossing, a design or text is raised above the surface of the paper by pressing it onto a heated plate, called a die. The raised areas give it a great 3D look.

During the hot foiling process, a special metallic foil material sticks to certain parts of your business card when heat is applied.
This gives your cards a shiny, interesting look and feel. Embossed foil business cards are more eye-catching than regular cards because they use two different processes together.

 Are foil business cards worth the investment?

Foil business cards can add elegance and sophistication to your branding. They may not fit every business or budget. Consider these factors while evaluating if foil business cards are worth it:

Your demographic: Foil business cards are ideal for luxury and exclusive brands.

Branding: Foil business cards might work if they match your branding and look.

Budget: Consider whether foil business cards are worth the extra cost for your firm.

Your industry: Some industries may choose foil business cards. Wedding photographers and event planners may buy foil business cards more than other small business owners.

What are some foil business card design tips?

Foil business card design tips:

Design simply: Keep foil business cards simple to avoid clutter.

High-contrast colors make foil stand out and make text and design elements simple to read.

Use a clear and legible font: When foil is applied, small or fancy fonts may be hard to read on business cards.

Experiment with foil colors: Foil comes in several colors, so try a few to discover which works best for your business card design.