FAQs - Flyers

What are flyers and how can I make them?

Flyers are a popular form of printed marketing material that is used to advertise and promote businesses, events, products, services and more. They typically feature eye-catching designs, attention-grabbing headlines, and clear call-to-actions to encourage readers to take action.

To make your own flyer you’ll need to choose the right size (A4 or A5 paper formats are most common) and paper type, design your artwork using either a printable template or a graphic design program such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign, print the flyer (or use Print Peppermint!), and then distribute it to potential customers.

Are there any templates for making flyers?

Yes! Print Peppermint offers a wide range of free flyer templates for all kinds of business needs. Whether you’re advertising an event, promoting a product or service, or looking for a creative way to get noticed – our easy-to-use flyer templates are designed with you in mind.

Simply select the one that best fits your purpose; download it; customize the colors and images; add text; save the document; then send it to us to be printed.

What kind of paper should I use to print my flyers?

The type of paper you choose will depend on the end result you want for your prints.

For example – if you're looking for something high quality with vibrant colors try choosing glossy stocks like our Photo Glossy & Coated stocks which give excellent results when printing in full color while also making sure your message stands out from competitors.

If you'd prefer something more subtle but still professional opt for uncoated options such as our Recycled Uncoated – this gives great results too but without the shiny finish of glossy stocks.

How do I design my flyers?

Designing your own custom flyers doesn't have to be complicated! We offer free creative consultation via phone or google meet so simply book yourself in with one of our friendly designers who can help create something that works perfectly for your business needs in no time at all - from start to finish it's totally hassle free!

Alternatively you can choose from pre-designed template options which come ready made with visuals already included - all you need to do is customize them further with text and images according to what suits your purpose best!


What is the difference between flyers, brochures and posters?

Although they are all forms of printed marketing material they each have different roles within campaigns and target different audiences depending upon what kind of results are desired e.g.:

Flyers – usually feature large bold graphics/text/images designed specifically around generating customer response i.e., people reading them will likely respond by taking whatever action is written on them;

Brochures – usually contain longer detailed information about products/services/companies etc.;

Posters – usually focus more on aesthetic appeal rather than delivering specific messages but are still important elements within campaigns due to their ability draw attention towards certain areas/products/services etc..

Are QR codes allowed on flyers?

Yes! QR codes can be used on both digital and physical versions of flyers so long as they are properly linked up correctly - adding QR codes onto flyers helps bridge the gap between offline marketing material (the flyer itself) with digital channels such as websites or social media pages by linking directly back when scanned using mobile phones or tablets etc..

This creates an excellent opportunity for customers wanting direct access into additional information about a company or event without having to manually search online themselves first - ideal if time is limited or someone is short on resources/accessibility issues etc..

Can I use Flyers for advertising cleaning services?

Absolutely! Flyers make excellent promotional tools when advertising cleaning services due its ability to provide visual stimulus alongside key facts & figures regarding pricing plans & other pertinent information which potential customers may wish know about before deciding whether take up service offered not .

Addition features like qr codes can also useful here too , allowing customers scan code gain immediate access website page / blog post / social media page directly related service being advertised .