FAQs - Cold Foil Business Cards

What is cold foil printing and how does it work?

Cold foil printing is a printing process that uses metallic foil to add a metallic finish to your business cards. The foil is applied to the card using a printing press, which creates a high-quality, shiny finish that is sure to make your business cards stand out.

What are the benefits of using cold foil on my business cards?

Cold foil business cards are a great way to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your brand. They are also eye-catching and sure to make a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

Can I use cold foil on any paper stock?

Cold foil printing works best on smooth paper stocks, such as silk or gloss. 

Can I use cold foil in conjunction with other printing techniques, such as embossing or foil stamping?

You can choose between rounded or straight edges depending on your preference. Spot UV could also be added to the cards.

How long does the cold foil printing process take?

Usually about 5-7 days.  Allow more time if you're adding rounded corners or Spot UV.

Can I print full-color designs with cold foil?

Yes, you can use cold foil to print full-color designs. The metallic finish will be applied over the top of the printed design, giving it a unique, shimmering effect.

Are cold foil business cards durable?

Cold foil business cards are just as durable as traditional business cards, as long as they are handled with care. They are also resistant to fading and discoloration, so they will continue to look great for years to come.

How do I design a cold foil business card?

When making a cold foil business card, it's important to remember that the metallic finish will be added after the card has been printed. This means that you will have to design your card so that the foil and the printed design are on different layers.
Here are some tips for making a business card with cold foil:
  • Use vector graphics. Vector graphics work best for cold foil printing because they don't depend on the resolution and will print smoothly and clearly.
  • Use solid colors: It's best to use solid colors in your design instead of gradients or patterns, which can be hard to get right with cold foil printing.
  • Make sure the foil design and the printed design are on different layers in your design file. This will help your printer put the foil on the card the right way.