FAQs - Artist Business Cards

Why should an Artist get Business cards?

Artists who have business cards with their artwork and contact information on them make it easier for potential customers or partners to get in touch.

By making it easy for people to get in touch with the artist and find their work, business cards help artists connect with more people than just those they meet in person or on social media.

What info to put on my artist business cards?

Self-promotion starts with an artist business card. Your artist business card should promote your work and give potential clients contact information.

Start by selecting a stylish, high-quality paper stock. Make sure your printing expresses your brand's refinement without breaking the bank. If possible, add embossing or die cuts to indicate professionalism and superior creativity.

Consider your artist typeface next. Consider graceful serifs or crisp sans serifs instead of extravagant typefaces that may date your artwork.

Finally, include your name, title (artist), website/portfolio address (or QR code for easy access), contact email and phone number, and social media handles on the business card (for added promotional opportunities).
Include photos or reproductions of some of your most successful works to wow potential clients and show them your flair!

What can I do with my artist business cards?

Put one on top of your tip at a restaurant, in a library's art book, on a brochure rack, or in the mail with your power bill. Try something new!
Business cards for graphic designers are fantastic, and you never know who might contact you when they find one of your cards.

What type of paper should I use for my artist business card?

A thicker cardstock paper is recommended for artist business cards as it gives a more premium and professional look and feel. You could also consider using a textured or specialty paper for added uniqueness.

Can I include a photo of my artwork on my artist business card?

Yes, you can include a photo of your artwork on your business card, either as the main design or as a small element. Make sure that the image is of high resolution and represents your work well.

How many business cards should I order?

It depends on how often you plan to hand out your business cards and the types of networking events and opportunities you'll be attending. A good rule of thumb is to order at least 100-200 cards at a time.

How can I make my artist business card stand out?

One way to make your artist business card stand out is to use a unique design that represents your style and art.

You could also use a unique shape or size of card, or consider adding a special finish such as spot gloss, letterpress, or foil stamping.

Another way is to think in the way of incorporating a QR code that allows potential clients to view your work easily.