How UI/UX Design Can Improve Customer Retention and Engagement

How UI/UX Design Can Improve Customer Retention and Engagement

With the seamless evolution in the digital era, the world seems to be craving for more and more innovations such as mobile and web applications to portable smart devices and more.

And slowly and steadily these innovations seem to have become a very crucial aspect of human lives.

I am pretty sure you will come across a wide range of defining moments when it comes to technology and one of them is the COVID massive hit, businesses across the globe were able to survive only because of these technological advancements and of course, the world wide web.

 Now developing a strong online presence is not easy but it’s still a doable job, all you have to do is place a strong fundamental base; i.e. web development and web designing.

Also, having a unique well-designed app or website won’t just leave your target audiences awestruck but also offer you a competitive edge like never before. Web designing is no longer in the backseat, it seems to have started gaining importance pretty much as the concept of web development.

This is what we will be exploring in the following post. Yes, by the end of the post, you will be learning about how UI/UX design can enhance customer retention and engagement. But first, let’s get the basics right.

Introducing UX/UI Designing


I am pretty sure you must have come across UI/UX design but have you delved into its nitty-gritty yet? If not, it’s now time to make a dive.

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are two different concepts which many of you have different misconceptions about. However, one thing is for sure, user experience and user interface have become pretty essential pillars of a successful web designing project.

So what exactly are they?

Well, as mentioned earlier, UX stands for user experience and UI for User Interface, both concepts are pretty much intertwined and that’s how the best possible outcomes are created.

User experience is said when the overall experience of the end user is enhanced especially when they are interacting with the application or the specific website.

User experience is created by keeping the end users or customers in mind, here the entire wireframing and overall structuring of the application is done.

 Whereas the user interface is the process of improving the overall look and feel of the application or the website.

In other words, how the app looks and interacts with the users. Every big or small element is important here, from the screen, page buttons,  graphic and artistic components and other visual elements such as layouts, instructions, images, text, animations and sliders, content creation and placement, etc are taken into account.   

Here one can be categorized under functionality whereas the other one can be categorized under usability. Thus, making the most of the user interface and user experience is pretty important.




User Experience

User Interface


Highly focuses on the overall functionality of the product

Highly focuses on the appearance and presentation of the product


Users accomplishing the task, making checkout or navigation seamless

It’s all about connecting the user to the product via buttons, layouts, icons, font, colors, actions

Core element


Focuses on the visual style structure


True Significance of UI/UX Design

Do you think, any modern-day shopper including you and me would be just looking for products or services?

Of course, not!

Consumers these days have become pretty much choosy, they are willing to associate with the brand and know more about your business instead of simply buying a product and never returning back.

Striving through a cut-throat competition is not going to be a cakewalk unless you place your best bet; i.e. UI/UX designing. Further, I would like to mention the true significance or importance of considering UI/UX design before you get started with your web development project.


#1 Instant Brand Boost

One of the obvious yet amazing benefits offered by UI/UX designing is that you get to boost your brand on an instant basis. You see when you end up offering relevant products with some value-added services then this definitely results in enhanced brand reputation and credibility.

By offering amazing UI/UX designing, you are bound to establish positive customer relationships and sometimes even convert them into your hard-core advocates or evangelists.

The key is to make your website customer-first and user-friendly. Half of the battle is won right then and there only.


#2 Enhanced Conversion Rates

Another interesting benefit of considering UI/UX design for your project is enhanced conversion rates.

In order to attract, engage and delight your customers, opting for the best UI/UX designing tips can certainly do the trick. Here it’s all about creating an online presence that is human-centric and when strategically approached, you can compel the end users to walk on a predetermined pathway and check out seamlessly.

Above all, your end users will receive a positive experience as well.

As long as the user interface is concerned, I am sure that you can hire the best team of UI designers or professionals who have the knack for delivering the best possible outcomes or in other words enhancing customer experiences.

Let’s say for example, how about keeping CTAs and action-seeking content highlighted just to give a dramatic effect and enhance user engagement? It has been observed that more than 50% of users are turned off when the content is below the fold.

Also, the more they are compelled to scroll, the more likely they are to switch to your competitors and never return back. Some additional tips to take into account:

  • Use the correct font hierarchy
  • UX-backed content writing is needed
  • Place relevant links strategically
  • CTAs to keep end-users engaged
  • Finding more innovative ways to convert a visitor into a loyal customer


#3 Increased Productivity and Efficiency

Irrespective of your business size and industry vertical, it is essential to market your product and services. And here user experience plays a pretty crucial role not just for the end users but also for employees.

A great user experience can assure your employees to work with great enthusiasm and gusto. You see, sometimes it is extremely tough for employees to keep up with the latest trends and tricks also, this many times have a great impact on their overall productivity and efficiency.

A proper UI/UX design can facilitate engagement and motivate employees to work more efficiently.

 On the contrary, by doing so several errors can be reduced and a smoother workflow can lead to employee work satisfaction as well. Here is the tip, try using light or subtle colors and highlight relevant information so that neither customers nor your employees do not get distracted and confused in the long run.

It may quite interest you to know that most of the usability issues raised during the development phase are addressed right here. By choosing skilled UX/UI designers, you can anticipate what the end user is expecting from you before going to the production phase.

Also, these kinds of approaches have a track record of saving ample time, money and resources.     

Above all, the most important benefit of creating a successful UI/UX design is customer retention.

Yes, retaining your end users can be insanely tricky and requires ample planning and forethought. A well-crafted UI/UX design definitely brings an instant smile to the face of your end users.

A satisfied customer won’t just keep returning back but will also stay loyal and help you market different products among their peers. They can be the best word-of-mouth approach.

A wise businessman once said that you must invest as much effort in keeping your customers intact for the long run as you do to acquire them.  

  • Track customer interactions
  • Find out what exactly they are looking for
  • Increase customer satisfaction ratings
  • Gather usability score
  • And Voila! Nothing can stop you from winning their loyalty

Acquiring new customers is about creating a strong foundation whereas retaining them means you have succeeded in building strong relationships and somehow maximized the overall revenue.

Moving on! Further, we will focus on how UI and UX designs can enhance customer retention and engagement.

How UI/UX Design Can Improve Customer Retention and Engagement?

Business is not just about establishing but it involves selling effortlessly and earning high-end profit. This concept is not just limited to the existing customers but also attracting new buyers, and retaining the old disappointed customers.

However, there is a 60 to 80% chance of your existing customers buying products from your store only and 5 to 20% of the new visitors are likely to buy from you as well but unfortunately, there is no scope for disappointed customers or unsatisfied customers.

With websites and apps being the prime source of contact for driving an insane amount of leads and sales, it is very important to get the first impression right. Here’s when user experience and user interface come into play.

So what is customer retention? As the name implies, customer retention is more kind of a marketing strategy that ensures to keep the existing customer count intact and highly involved with the business.

A successful customer retention is said when they keep coming back after making an initial purchase or maybe more.

Now customer retention is extremely important here since it directly impacts and results in long-term success for any and every business.

Sometimes acquiring new customers can be extremely time-consuming and costly whereas retaining the existing once can be pretty cost-effective as a whole.

When your business indicates high retention rates, it certainly means your customers are pretty much satisfied with the products and services and intend to visit your store again and again with a promise to give positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

Now the big question is how?

Further below I would like to mention different ways to increase user engagement with user experience and user interface designs


UI/UX Designing Tips and Tricks to Enhance User Engagement

#1 Do Not Ignore Website Navigation

The ultimate key to a successful website development project is to enable customers to navigate seamlessly and let them do what they want to in a very short period of time.

Offering seamless navigation is extremely important here and more or less it certainly has a direct impact on the site’s usability. When you create a website with specific and clear pathways enables customers to find the route from one section to another.

So they are supposed to reach their destination in no time and this is something that turns out to be extremely compelling.

When you try to improve the UI/UX of the website, you will find your customers way more satisfied and happy and won’t even think about switching to your competitors.

In the end, I guarantee that no matter even if the customer is simply browsing your site he or she will definitely end up with a conversion.


#2 K-I-S-S - Keeping it Sweet and Simple

The next interesting strategy to consider is keeping things as sweet and simple. Sometimes website owners try to outsmart themselves and end up losing a lot in comparison to those who try to keep their websites simple and seamless. Also, simplicity is another way of delivering better UX.  For example, try using simple language, especially in regard to menu elements. What, you still do not agree with me on keeping things sweet and simple? Further, I would like to mention several reasons stating why one must keep his or her website sweet and simple. 

  • People have much shorter attention span
  • Simplicity is more convenient and grabs the instant attention of the end user
  • Complicated products are often ditched



Have you checked out the Zara homepage? The brand is pretty much known to many but do you know what’s the most interesting aspect available about it? The company’s website emphasizes simplicity. I mean when you browse through their menu you will find a simple menu, search bar, login link, easy access to the shopping cart, and even the call to action is pretty much basic. And you know what, here you get seamless navigation. Now you tell me, do you find the previous example unimpressive?


Another interesting example to consider is AirBnB. Take a look at the website first. Don’t you find it alluring and worth browsing? Also, not to mention the features and functionality here are pretty simple and intuitive.

Here customers are able to access everything from one place. Also, just take a look at the icons, don’t you find them intimidating and intriguing? 

So yes, incorporating simplicity in your UI/UX design strategies compels the end users to visit again and again and sometimes even spread the word for you.


#3 Mobile-Responsive

Now tell me something where exactly are you reading the following post on? Is it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or everyone’s favourite smartphone device?

Before conducting a website development or website designing project it is important to consider what are the core preferences of your target audiences. And this is why mobile responsiveness must be given importance.

In fact, when you create a mobile-first website design, you are bound to grab the attention of more and more visitors which results in increased engagement, and of course, boost conversion rates.

A mobile responsive website is said when it has the ability to adapt to the size of the current screen, be it a tablet or a laptop, a desktop, and so more.

The website becomes easy to use. And you know what mobile responsive websites are pretty much longer to survive in comparison to others who aren’t mobile responsive.

And above all, mobile-friendly websites result in an increase in overall sales and conversions.

Wondering why?

Well, even according to the latest Google algorithm, mobile-friendly websites tend to rank higher on Search Engine Ranking Pages which is pretty important in a hyper-competitive digital landscape.

So if you want to experience some real returns, it is very crucial to deploy your website correctly.


How to develop a captivating online presence.  

  1. Unique Value Proposition (UVP) - This one is pretty basic and not doing so can lead to huge losses because incorporating a unique value proposition acts as a foundation for any and every successful business.  So make sure to display UVP right above the fold of the homepage. It is basically how customers get to know what exactly they can expect from your space.
  2. Effective Call-to-Action - The next intimidating element to incorporate in any website is an effective call-to-action. Now tell me what exactly you want your end users to do. To take the necessary call-to-action and it is only possible when done in an effective manner. Whether it’s clicking buttons or links to subscribe, sharing on social media, leaving comments, filling out forms, etc, every such element when highlighted in an effective manner has the potential to increase conversions and return on investment (ROI).
  3. Cross-Browsing Compatibility - Last but certainly not least comes cross-browsing compatibility. Your website can easily load on a diverse range of devices, and browsers. After all, who knows what kind of device your end user is using?


Best Customer Retention Examples

#1 Walmart


We all know what Walmart is. Now do you really think that the popular company is simply known just because of its low prices? Of course not! The company has retained customers by making certain changes such as:

  • Transforming the Walmart app entirely
  • Enhancing the website navigation and making the checkout seamless
  • Providing customized and personalized deals 

#2 Apple


Another example to take into account when developing customer retention strategies is Apple.

Apart from being a renowned provider of smartphones, watches, laptops, MacBooks, and other unparalleled tech gear, Apple’s store has exceptional minimalistic displays and a simple intuitive search bar.

Simply browsing the Apple store definitely turns out to be worthy of your time.  

#3 Nestlé


The next amazing example to consider for great customer retention strategies include Nestlé. The company thoroughly understands what its valued customers are exactly looking for. Wondering how?

  • The rise in Nestlé’s online communities
  • Analyze customers' experiences, data and behavior
  • Use various ways to interact well with customers via personalized messages.


Bottom Line

In other words, the poor user experience will definitely lead to a decrease in keeping your customers intact.

With time passing by, the bar of UI and UX is rising by leaps and bounds. So what are you sitting tight for? Remember your customer will always choose the path of least resistance.

Everyone’s busy and they need to get what they want quickly and of course, have a positive buying experience or else they will switch in one go.


So that’s all for now! I hope you did find the following post interesting. If yes, keep watching the space for more relevant information and updates and also care to share among your peers.  Good luck with your website development venture!

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