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Can I make changes to my order after it has been placed?

Yes, you can make changes to your order at any time before production begins. However, please be aware that changes to your order may affect the price of the project and extend the turnaround time.

Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order of customizable products, it is possible depending on where the order falls within the production process.

If your order has not yet been scheduled with production, we can usually stop your order and provide a refund.

However, if your order has already been started in our production queue, then we may not be able to cancel the order or provide a refund for the entire cost of goods.

In this case, if you no longer wish to receive your finished goods when they arrive, you can request that we not ship the package and at least you will be able to get a refund for the shipping costs originally paid.

We understand it can be frustrating when orders have already started being processed and cannot be canceled, so please contact our customer support team as soon as possible if you need to cancel. We'll do all we can to make sure you are taken care of and any requests are acted upon promptly.

Can I change my shipping service after my order has been placed?

Sure thing, you are welcome to reach out to support to upgrade or adjust your shipping service anytime before your order leaves our facilities. Of course, if the package has already been picked up by the carrier, we can no longer make any changes.

Where's my order?

Before your order ships:

Although we are working to make our website more sophisticated with things like real-time status updates, we just aren't there yet. So, in the meantime, your best bet for an accurate status update is to check in with our support team via email or chat and provide your relevant order or ticket number.

After your order has shipped:

You can track your order using the tracking number provided in your shipping confirmation email, which will provide you with real-time updates on the progress of your order. If you have any questions or concerns during the delivery process, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email so that we can help resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Can I change my delivery address?

Yes, you can change your delivery address up until the package is picked up by the shipping carrier.

If you need to update your shipping address after you have placed an order, please reach out to the customer service team for help.

Generally speaking, it's best to make any changes as soon as possible, once you know that you need to update the delivery address.

To ensure that your request is processed quickly and accurately, be sure to provide all of the relevant information such as your order number and new address details.

Please note that in some cases there may be a fee associated with making a change on an already shipped order so it's important to contact customer service in advance if possible.

What if I'm not happy with my order?

We value your satisfaction and are committed to producing the highest quality print materials. If you receive a product that is defective or not up to your standards, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team within 14 days of receiving your order and we'll work with you to find a solution.

I only received part of my order - where is the rest?

Sometimes we ship projects in multiple packages. If you've only received 1 box, theres a good chance the remaining packages are only 1-2 days behind or possibly even arriving later the same day.

Can I update my billing address?

If you need to update your billing address, please contact our support team and we will handle it for you.

Can I get a copy of my order invoice?

If you aren't able to download a PDF from inside your account, simply email our support team and we can email you a copy of your order invoice.