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Why Professionally Designed Company Shirts are a Smart Way to Market Your Business

Why Company Shirts are a Smart Way to Market Your Business

Are you trying to think of ways to get your company brand in front of more eyes? Here's why professionally designed company shirts are a great option.

It's not advisable to walk into a Target store wearing a red shirt. That's because Target's company shirts are so well known that everyone will mistake you for an employee. 

That's a t-shirt marketing plan that has worked so effectively, even just the color red is enough to remind people of Target's brand.

And it doesn't matter if you're a large corporation like Target or a small mom-and-pop company, getting company shirts is one of those business marketing ideas that are always effective. 

In fact, small business t-shirts can do a lot to get your business noticed by new and existing customers. To learn more about how to use t-shirt marketing strategies, keep reading. 

We'll show you how to market your business using a t-shirt marketing plan. 

Company Shirts are a Walking Advertisement

No matter where you are, as long as you're wearing your company shirt, you're advertising for your company. A simple shirt has the ability to draw a lot of attention to high volumes of people to your business. 

A custom t-shirt design is a cost-effective billboard that offers amazing visibility. But it also offers a visual connection with the public. 

No other type of marketing effort can connect visually with as many people. And it's effortlessly circulating wherever the wearer travels to.

In fact, whoever is wearing your custom t-shirt is doing your marketing for free. 

T-Shirts Make Great Conversation Starters

Some people automatically mistrust people wearing a suit and tie. But a t-shirt is the least intimidating piece of clothing anyone can wear.

Everyone wears t-shirts. And if you take the time to design a great t-shirt, it could be a way to get people talking to each other. 

Maybe the color scheme is so interesting, they can't help but notice and strike up a conversation with the person wearing the shirt. 

The logo is so out of the ordinary that it compels people to talk about your company. Perhaps the tagline is so catchy, original or funny that it gets people snapping photos and talking about it on social media. 

A t-shirt is a non-threatening, fun way to engage with other people who may share similar interests. It creates a sense of unity. And it's a great way to make a statement when you're just starting up your business. 

Everyone Recognizes Your Brand and Your Employees

Cases of mistaken identity aside, having your employees wearing the same t-shirt is one of the best business marketing ideas possible. Your goal is to brand your business so that it separates you from your competition.

It helps people recognize your business. When someone walks into your store, you want them to instantly know who your employees are. 

When an employee walks down the street wearing your t-shirt, you want people to recognize that they are your employee. 

Wearing the same shirt also promotes unity within your company. With everyone dressed the same, it doesn't matter what their role is. There is an equality in everyone wearing the same uniform that you just can't get when everyone is allowed to wear what they want. 

You Can Sell or Give Away Your T-Shirts 

If you're just getting started, you may want to develop a t-shirt marketing plan where you give away your t-shirts to the public. The more people who wear your shirts, the more instant recognition around your town or city you'll receive.

But if you've been in business a while, you may want to consider selling your t-shirts. Not only will you earn a profit from the sales, but you also have these individuals promoting your business for free. 

Companies like Ben & Jerries have been selling their t-shirts for years. They even have different styles with the various names of popular ice cream flavors on them for added branding recognition. 

Make sure you invest in good quality t-shirt material. You don't want your promotional shirts to get pilly or fall apart in the wash.

Remember, the more use someone gets out of your t-shirts, the better it is for your company.  

Use Social Media to Promote Your T-Shirts and Build Brand Recognition

Don't be afraid to use social media along with your t-shirt marketing strategies. Whether you are selling or giving away your t-shirts, you can use social media in the same way.

You can begin by taking and posting photos of you and your employees wearing your t-shirts. That will get people to start talking.

Then you can up the ante by hosting a contest. Invite all your followers to get in on the action by taking a photo of themselves wearing your t-shirt, posting it on social media, and tagging your company. 

You can then award the person who garnered the most online attention or who wore your t-shirt most creatively a prize.

It doesn't have to be an expensive prize, but if you're in the restaurant business even giving away a free drink or appetizer is often enough to get people to join in on the social media fun. 

Share Your Corporate Culture Through a Shirt

The great thing about shirts is that they can say a lot without costing a lot. Much of it depends on the type of shirt you choose to invest in. 

A simple t-shirt often implies that your company is more casual and fun. You can even add a playful baseball cap to help employees and customers complete the look.

But if you're a company whose target market is more high net worth individuals, a t-shirt may not be the be the best representation of what your company is about.

In that case, a polo or buttoned down shirt is a perfect choice as it creates a more professional look.

How your t-shirts look and feel gives passersby a better sense of who your company is and what your morals and values are. Make sure to sit down and think about the impression you're trying to make on the public before you design anything. 

Donate the Shirts to a Locate Team or Volunteer Organization

Start building brand recognition by going local. It's easier and far less expensive to market to the people nearest to you than it will be to reach out to people who live far away from your business. 

Take a look around your own neighborhood.

Check to see if there are any small local teams. The middle school softball team may need new t-shirts but don't have the budget to buy new ones. You can donate yours to the team and gain a whole new group of people who automatically like and trust your business. 

You can donate them to a local charity for their volunteers to wear.

This way, the charity can spend their money on their causes rather than on t-shirts. Meanwhile, you get free advertising that's reaching a whole new and much larger audience. 

Take some time to get to know your local customers. Find out where they spend their time in your community. This will help you to determine the best place to distribute your t-shirts.  

How to Create a Great T-Shirt Design People Notice

Put some real thought into your t-shirt promotion ideas. This is just as an important element of your marketing efforts as anything else you do. 

Consider adding your logo to help brand your business better. Make sure it's a logo that captures people's attention and is a design you're going to stick with for the long haul. 

Choose a color or colors that help your brand become recognizable. Again, the red at Target is so widely recognized most people don't even look for the actual Target bullseye logo before asking for help. 

Know Your Market

When you're designing your t-shirt, keep your niche market in mind the entire time. You're creating your shirts so they will take notice. 

You do not want to send the wrong message. If your target market speaks a different language than you, make sure you translate everything properly.

Make sure you attract customers for the right reasons rather than the wrong reasons.

While you may want to create a t-shirt that gets people talking, you don't want to create a controversy by insulting or demoralizing another group, either. 

Get Help Designing Your Shirts

Most business owners are not marketing experts. Most also have no experience designing company shirts that will help them brand their business and get people talking. 

Which is why you should consult with a professional designer before you do anything. A professional designer can help you determine the look and feel of your design, color scheme, and even the right type of textiles to use to make your shirts. 

While marketing materials are extremely cost-effective, that doesn't mean you can afford to make mistakes. It's far easier to work with a professional to get it right the first time. 

Free Graphic Design Sources

If you're really on a tight budget and need to create company shirts that still give the impression you spared no expense, look for discounts and free sources. 

We can help. Click here to find out where to find the best sites to walk you through every step of the process to design the perfect shirt. 


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