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Why Packaging Design Is Just As Important As Your Product

Having a great product is simply not enough to guarantee sales. The way you package that product has a lot to do with how successful it becomes. The value in packaging design cannot be underestimated because a lot of customers base their purchase decision upon it.

This means that you may have an incredibly good and high-quality product, but consumers will not care if the packaging is boring and unattractive. One of the most important aspects of any business is the first impression and you have just a few seconds to capture a customers’ attention.

Your packaging design can help you make a bold and meaningful statement or tell a story that allows you to connect with your potential customers. Every business needs to be in a position where they not only attract customers but maintain them, increase sales and produce products that people talk about.

If you want to know just how important packaging design is, here are a few more reasons to convince you.

Brand Recognition

The most important part of your product packaging design is brand recognition. Your package design is the very first interaction your customers will have with your business. It will not only convey the brand identity, but the quality, and reputation too.

A trusted brand with an incredible reputation and a perfect logo will always do better than an unknown brand, regardless of the quality of the product. Aim for brand recognition with a glance of the product.

Quality Packaging Extends Beyond a Quality Product

If the packaging of your product looks sub-standard, your product will be perceived as sub-standard. A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of neglecting the packaging design and whipping something up. What they miss out on is the fact that a little investment in the look and feel of the products can actually bring in huge returns.

You’ll Stand Out From Competition

Regardless of your business, you are among thousands of people trying to sell the same kind of products. This means that if you don’t stand out, the public attention will be diverted to your competitors and kick you out of business. Copying famous brands is not the best idea because people will not remember you, only the brand you imitate.

Two companies could be selling identical products, but the one with an eye-catching, original, and practical packaging design will sell more. Your packaging design should be able to achieve great things for your business.

Packaging Colors Affect Sales

You have probably heard of color psychology and how it affects a brand. Yes, it’s real. Color does impact the perception of products and it can make a huge difference. Red, for instance, is very powerful and usually communicates urgency. It can boost sales but it needs to be used with caution.

It could also give a sense of danger, anger, and defiance and should be avoided for relaxing products. Yellow and orange, on the other hand, give off a relaxing vibe, while green is relaxing but doesn't work on women. Blue gives off serenity but might give off coldness depending on how it’s used. Black is an incredibly powerful one because it communicates luxury, sophistication, and power.

Taking the Customer Experience to the Real World

From the time your customers find your online store, find something they like and make an order, the impression they get will determine if they get something from you again. With an eCommerce website, your online presence will be the initial introduction of your brand to the target audience. You can emphasize the benefits and value of the products you offer.

Your customer-brand relationship begins when they receive the products and the look of your packaging design will influence whether they do business with you again. Think about how many times you have bought something online after thorough research.

Once you receive it in an incredible package, you feel validated for making the purchase and feel that you made a wise choice. The same thing applies to your customers and that’s how you want them to feel.

Create User Generated Content Opportunities

In the world we are living in, a majority of people want to share every aspect of their lives on social media. You can take full advantage of this need to share and encourage your customers to share user-generated content in relation to the product experience. This will place your products in the line of sight of people who may not be looking for it.

With incredible packaging design, they will experience the fear of missing out on something great and they may take action and make an order.

Your Packaging Design Can Be a Secret Weapon

After spending so much time creating a high-quality product, you need to reinforce your message with great packaging design. Packaging plays a huge role when it comes to shipping products and keeping the safe, but it plays a role bigger than that.

It offers an opportunity to showcase your standards and show your customers what they can expect from you.

It Triggers an Emotional Response

Your packaging design can strike a chord with your customers and all you have to do is trigger a little psychology with an eye-catching design. Humans are guarded by instinct and they’ll want to look and know more about a product that attracts them.

If you align your marketing campaign with your product design, you reinforce your message and your brand. When people see your products, they can associate them with your adverts and remember your brand.

Your Packaging Design Can Be the Difference Between Success and Failure

If you take the time to design and redesign your packaging design with the help of a packaging designer, you’ll reap benefits from it. These are some of the most important aspects of a successful business.

With the right package that's not only catchy but function and practical, your customers will be thankful about your products. If you’d like to know more great ideas about design, be sure to check out our website

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