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Whoa! 4 Most Recognizable Logos That Could Be a Rip-Off

Some people believe there's nothing new under the sun. And they may be right. Check out these 4 most recognizable logos and decide for yourself if they're a rip-off or not.

Did you know businesses spend 25% of their budget on advertising agency services?

This is a 3% increase from previous years. There's a clear growing dependence on hiring experts to do the marketing for businesses. However, when you're hiring professionals to do the job, ensure that their work reflects your message.

Prevent your brand from getting lost in translation. Make sure the agency doesn't copy the most recognizable logos of another famous business out there.

Don't think that happens? It's far more common than you'd think. Here are 4 instances of logos that could be rip-offs other brands.

1. Metrocraft vs. Medium

Medium's logo got some controversy due to the fact that its company logos look similar to that of Metrocraft. However, the company has their own post detailing the story behind their logo. In that post, they say that the logo's four planes symbolize the overlapping strains of a conversation-- its tone and direction shifts as these planes become in contact with one another.

While it might be a ham-fisted excuse, using the first letter of your company's name as your logo isn't something that's an automatic indicator of logo plagiarism. It's just a three-dimensional "M," after all.

2. Azuma Drive-In vs. Airbnb

At first glance, you already see the uncanny similarities between the two logos. The two logos look almost identical, with the former only having thicker lines compared to the latter.

But who came first? Apparently, the Azuma Drive-In Company had the logo first, way back in 1975. The problem with this is that the Air Bnb logo is more recognizable than the other company, meaning that they sort of get a pass.

3. Frisol vs. Flipboard

The case against the Flipboard logo is pretty weak, despite what most people think. The logo's creation involved collaborating with a great design company that a lot of people recognize. The same company helped design some iconic logos like that of SAP, Cisco, and Adobe.

Remember, Cisco is the global market leader when it comes to Ethernet switches, sharing about 53% of the market this year. Companies like that won't trust a company that would make them looks like they copied their logo from a 1989 picture book.

4. Stadt Br?hl vs. Beats

When it comes to similar logos, these two companies have an almost identical concept. The letter "b" using a Bauhaus typeface enclosed inside a circle. It's also made to look like headphones, making sense in terms of a company that sells it.

Did one copy from another? It's up to you to decide.

Get the Most Recognizable Logos Today!

If you want your business to stand out from others, your first move is to make a memorable logo. However, you need to ensure that you at least maintain a sense of originality and creativity. People will know you as a copycat if your logo looks similar to a brand that has more fame and a larger following.

Does your business need the most recognizable logos? Contact us today and we'll help you build the brand identity you're looking for.

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