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What is HDR on My Camera?: A Complete Guide

If you've ever tried to take a picture when there's not much light or too much of it, you know how frustrating it can be when you can't quite capture what you're looking at. The truth is that the human eye is capable of capturing far more detail than any camera. You'll never be able to completely capture what you're seeing. But, thanks to HDR photography, we can now capture much more contrast and detail than ever before. Many newer cameras and phones now have HDR built right in, making this useful technique easily accessible. If you've ever wondered “what is HDR on my camera?”, read on for a quick look at how this photography technology works.

What is HDR?

HDR, or High Dynamic Range photography, is essentially a way to capture greater contrast in photos. You've probably noticed that most pictures taken in the dark or low light don't turn out all that well. The same is true of photos taken in bright sunlight or under harsh overhead lights. Because of the way cameras work, they have a hard time capturing a wide range of light and color in a single photo. That's why professional photographers use all sorts of flashes and other aids when photographing people. They need to add or change the light to make a photo look perfect. HDR is a different way to capture more light and better contrast, more clearly showing all the details in a scene.

How HDR Works

HDR uses several different photos taken in quick succession, layering them together to add enough light and contrast to the picture. If you have a DSLR camera, you can create an HDR image by taking several different exposures of the same scene then compiling them with HDR editing software. This is how the pros and photography enthusiasts do it and have created some stunning images with this process.

What is HDR on My Camera? (and How It Works)

Although you won't have quite as much control, many cameras and phones also allow you to take HDR photos. When you use your camera to take an HDR shot, the camera will usually take a few pictures of the same scene instantly. The camera then compiles the different shots, producing an HDR image right on your camera or phone. This makes HDR simple and accessible for almost anyone. In iOS, you can turn HDR on and off along with setting it to auto. When you take a photo with HDR on, your phone will capture three separate images and stitch them together. You'll also get to keep the three photos used for the HDR shot. The same thing can be done with most Android devices, the settings just vary with each manufacturer.

Your Turn

If you're still wondering “what is HDR on my camera?”, try turning it on and seeing how HDR photos compare to your regular shots. The difference will be very clear when you see it. Have a photo or design you want to see in print? See how we can help bring your ideas to life!
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