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What fonts work best for web design?

If you’ve seen one thing on the web, you’ve seen it all. Rather than following the same old, same old, why not go fresh and bold? Why not, take the time to figure out which are the best web fonts that add rather than take away from your design.

If you’re having trouble finding out which is the best font for your web design, don’t sweat it.

Here is a thoughtfully chosen collection of fonts that you can use for your design.


Out of the many design projects put forth by Marco Oggian, Milano is one of the most remarkable ones.

  • Designed on behalf of Citype and reminding you of the Navigli, which are a magnificent set of rivers, Milano surely puts a creative spin on things.
  • It draws inspiration from the beauty of the city.


This is one of the most attractive looking typeface designs. If you are looking for raw, geometric shapes and a tidy look, you are sure to fall for Rex.

  • It possesses three weights: light, bold and inline.
  • The capital letters come with a one-of-a-kind finish that gives the typeface a striking industrial look.


The creation of Jaapokki is put together by the Finnish typography designer Mikko Nuuttila.

  • The font comes with a bold, blocky type structure with runic resemblances.
  • It blends in perfectly well with nature-themed imagery.


Gudea is also one of the best web fonts you can try out. It is designed by Agustina Mingote.

  • It comes with a clean, functional font and condensed structure.
  • It works well for minimalist designs and looks great on bold headlines and text paragraphs.

Open Sans

Open Sans is one of the most fine-looking fonts available on the web for free. It looks perfect with any text formatting and is legible and balanced.

  • The font has a seamless finish, clean symmetrical shape, and a universal look.
  • It exudes a delicate feel and looks great when teamed with minimalist designs.


Designed by Anton Koovit, Arvo gives out a neat and clean vibe.

  • It is seen as a geometric slab-serif that offers a well rounded and minimalist look.
  • The font has four cuts and is perfect for creating sharp headlines.

Kan Kin

Kan Kin is a stunning font that is sure to take you by surprise owing to its contemporary retro style.

  • It is basically a bold sans serif font that comprises of terminal elements and an elegant arc.
  • Kan Kin is a unique typeface that looks great for headlines.


It is a chunky headline typeface, put together by one of the foremost leaders in the free web font industry sector.

  • Null seamlessly merges the use of enlarged stems and strokes as well as shrunken counters. 
  • It works perfectly with san serif fonts with both regular and lightweight.

So there you go. Some of the best web fonts to make your web designs fresh, attractive and oh so stylish!

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