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Vintage Logo Design Ideas for the Modern Business

With so many interactive ways to reach your potential client base, it's easy to forget how important basic branding is. It turns out that your business's brand image is still crucial when trying to make a good first impression. This all starts with a good logo design. But in an age where design trends come and go in a flash, where do you start? Today, many businesses look to the past for inspiration. Instead of doing everything you can to be ultra-modern, relying on vintage logo concepts may actually work to create a memorable logo. Let's go over some classic logo ideas for the modern business.

Hand-Drawn Designs

Starting in the mid-twentieth century, factory-made products became commonplace. Today, however, there's been a resurgence of handmade, organic products. Businesses that provide custom, handmade products are also using classic, hand-drawn logos. These old-fashioned logos bring a very personal, authentic feel to a company's branding. By allowing a designer the freedom to create a hand drawn design, you avoid having a logo that looks computer generated. If you don't want to go 100% old school, consider hand lettering for the name of your company along with a retro, geometric graphic element.

Simple Shapes and Color Schemes

The retro design sensibility of the 50s and early 60s doesn't ever seem to get old. Mid-century modern furniture has been all the rage for the last decade, and shows like Mad Men make us wish we could go to work dressed to kill. Employing the minimal yet chic concepts of retro logo design is a great way to make a big impact with only a few colors and shapes. This kind of approach works well for restaurants and coffee shops. Duncan Donuts is a good example of this concept in action. With only a few colors and effective use of white space, they achieve a classic retro feel while still remaining relevant.


Badge-style logos are some of the most common when it comes to a vintage approach. They're strong, to the point and great for use on other promotional materials or business cards. This concept utilizes simple geometric shapes with the brand name either inside or around the perimeter. They typically use only two or three colors. The BMW logo, which they also use as the badge on the front of all their cars, is a classic example. While this logo style is perfect for cars, with a little creativity it will work for pretty much anything.

An Industrial Influence

If you want a strong, assertive branding image, try incorporating industrial imagery. This was popular for manufacturing companies back in the day. Today, all types of companies use industrial imagery, especially for their business name. This means bold, uniform lettering that draws attention to the words, not what's going on around it. These logos also tend to bring in a strong visual statement. This creates strong brand authority, which is important for converting new clients. A classic example is a wrench or hammer, but you can integrate something more relevant to your business.

Make a Statement with a Vintage Logo

Creating strong brand recognition means doing your own thing, and doing it well. If today's design trends don't do it for, create a vintage logo design and bring some of the past into the modern world. If you're ready to get started on creating a high-end logo for your business, we can help. Get a quote today.
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