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Top Logo Design Trends That You Must Look Out

No matter in which field you’re working, innovation is always given the highest priority and everyone must follow it. You always need to come up with something new which surprises everyone. Similarly, the design industry also comes under this category and we have witnessed a plethora of changes in it.

People always want to see something new and you must be able to present latest designs and ideas which will surely shine you out in the crowd.

A logo is a crucial part of the whole business, being a visual communication component of the brand- it must be extraordinary and creative. A well-designed logo design clearly speaks the business value, personality and standard of work they are providing.

Logo has become a very crucial component in digital marketing which is really important in this competitive world. It has power to distinguish your company from others and capture the attention of people.

So, it’s necessary to follow the latest design trends to create a true business image among the audience. So, let’s discuss those trends which will surely help you out.

#1. Gradient

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Gradient is one of the most preferred ways of design these days. If you want to add more than one color in your business logo design then definitely this would be the best option to go for.

In this approach, designers must have a great sense of how to use multiple colors in a single design to make it. Gradient effects can give your custom logo design a 3D effect which makes the logo even more memorable and catchy.

The primary reason behind the popularity of using gradient is it's eye-catching and people like to see a lot of colors in a design. The vibrant color used in the logo design stands out from the crowd.

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Be careful while applying this concept into your logo, it’s true that it makes it alluring but a wrong choice of colors can ruin the whole design. Designers need to have a clear understanding of colors and their combination.

If you haven’t used the colors properly then it's tough to put in a paper or even on the screens. Hence, with the help of the better color combination you can give your logo a tempting look.

#2. Logo With Thin Lines

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Another great way to create a modern logo design for your brand. It’s undeniably a versatile and timeless approach for custom logo design. This type of logos are sleek and abstract which is difficult to observe in the paper, that’s why it’s more popular among the tech companies. That means it expresses the future of technology.

A wise use of horizontal and vertical lines in the design can make it even more alluring and memorable. Line art looks appealing any background and endless style can be implemented. You can use a heavier and lighter line, based on the background it should be selected.

However, sometimes due to extreme use of lines, it can become complex as well which ruins the whole purpose of the design.

#3. Never Ignore Simplicity

Simplicity can never be outdated, it’s still a preference for many designers. It allows you to convey the brand message in a clear and efficient way. With simple text and minimal elements you can get the attention of people if it’s used cleverly.

It’s easier to associate with positive experience as it triggers the memory center in the brain instead of using those confusing and complex designs. At first, you might think it’s completely a waste of money to design a simple logo and it’s too easy as well. However, it has many benefits like clarity of message, easy to recall, recognisable and many more.

Additionally, it’s not always necessary to craft complex logos to make it alluring, a simple and sufficient use of design elements are enough. It’s not about whether it’s complex or not, you need to understand the importance of the right logo for the brand and it can be simple design as well.

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In fact, many famous brands already implemented this approach in their logo design and witnessed a great user attraction. The logo of Nike is the best example of a simple yet attractive logo. Therefore, it can’t be a wrong choice to create a simple logo for your brand.

#4. Motion Graphics

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Another widely used trend in the design industry. Moving elements are always attractive and memorable for a long time, so this approach can definitely capture the attention of many people. Viewers are more connected to the moving elements rather than the simple approach we used to follow.

Animated logo design is always the best option to tell a story about the brand, however a designer must know ways to use animation. Video content is a powerful tool to make an emotional connection with the audience. Specifically, in digital marketing it can make your brand highlight among thousands of others.

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Another very important function of animated business logo design is it’s powerful factor in promoting brand awareness as it’s more memorable and recognizable than the static one. Even it can hold the viewers’ for longer time than usual which is a positive sign of it.

Therefore, this is how an animated logo can be effective for your brand with lot of benefits.

#5. Metallic Logo

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Metallic logo design is quite more popular among designers than the other techniques. It's a myth that this style is reserved for the luxury brand only; however, today you can see at many places.

The shiny effect can make design stand out from others. With this effect you can make your brand business logo design alluring and creative. If you want to use the metal design for the logo then keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to do it such as high tech metal, subtle silver, heavy metal and many more.

Additionally, some of the eye-opening branding statistics and facts you need to understand before starting designing. It gives you a lot of ideas about what is currently happening.

Wrapping Up

Designing a logo isn't an easy task, designers need to consider a lot of things to get the expected output. Perfect use of colors, fonts, shapes, and other design elements are crucial, it can give your logo an appealing look.

Undeniably, you may encounter something new in the industry, and all of that must be incorporated in the business logo design to make it attractive. Same way, above-mentioned points are very important to look at by the designer to understand the current trend in the market and it needs to be followed in the logo.

Author Bio: Zeo Emsworth is a passionate writer, an avid reader, and a strategy manager in a reputed logo design firm named ProDesigns. She is a popular contributor as well as a freelance writer. She loves to write blogs and articles for different categories and leading online media publications. She is very active and keeps herself updated with the latest business and trends.

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