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Top 10 Websites For The Best Photoshop Tutorials

While some people are going to four-year universities to get expensive digital art degrees from for-profit colleges, you’re sitting there with a can of soda you bought from the dollar store. It’s okay, you can totally learn to make money with Photoshop using free tutorials. Who needs a fancy college degree to blend two images together anyway? No one does photography anymore anyway. Everyone just uploads heavily-filtered pictures of themselves or their food to Instagram and pass it off as “photography.” It’s time to get with the times. Let’s look at the top 10 websites for the best photoshop tutorials. 

10. Phlearn

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Phlearn is obviously a mixture of the two words “Photoshop” and “Learn”, but it honestly sounds like someone sneezed while typing in the word “Learn” and is now stuck with it. There are hundreds of Photoshop tutorials here. 

9. Photoshop Essentials

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This website claims this is where everyone can learn Photoshop, but if that were the case then these art colleges would go out of business. You’ll learn some basic stuff here. 

8. Photoshop Star

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Photoshop Star has some decent Photoshop tutorials like how to focus on half-eaten food. For some reason, that’s what people want to see online: half-eaten food. Whatever floats their boat.

7. GCF

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If you’re completely new to Photoshop, then this is where you would start. You start from the very beginning until the end where you get flashback horrors of taking quizzes in school.

6. Photoshop Cafe

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Photoshop Cafe is a great place to get some free tutorials. Of course, they’re some of the more basic tutorials that Instagram filters can do for free, but at least you can view their extensive catalog, of course, you can never afford.

5. Alison

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Someone just named a website some random girl’s name. This isn’t specifically for Photoshop, but you can find some free Photoshop courses here on top of other courses you might enjoy. 

4. Photoshop Tutorials

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I mean, if you’re looking for Photoshop tutorials, then why not look for a website literally called “Photoshop Tutorials”. Kind of a no brainer here. 

3. Random Blogs

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You can just type in “free photoshop tutorials” and find hundreds of blogs from people who think running their own blog will make them rich instead of working real jobs. While some do make decent money blogging, you can find relevant Photoshop tutorials from people who probably didn’t make it big in the blogger-verse. 

2. Photoshop Nation

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Unfortunately, there’s not an entire nation built around Photoshop and their weirdly pale denizens. However, it is a place you can find some okay tutorials. 

1. YouTube

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When in doubt, go to YouTube. Just like bloggers, YouTube is full of people who think making a couple of cents by adding a million ads to one video no one will ever watch is okay. That means there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tutorials out there. Just make sure that you’re going for Photoshop tutorials and not cute cat videos. 

2020 Update

Here's a new resource I stumbled upon recently that has done a pretty thorough job of laying out a crash course for learning photoshop.

In this post from PSDSTACK you will find a six-chapter lesson plan to start learning Photoshop:

  1. Opening Photoshop For The First Time
  2. Common Tools
  3. Layers & Mask
  4. Adjustment Layers
  5. Selections
  6. Basic Photo Editing

Once you complete all these chapters you can also find advanced tutorials mostly including photo effect tutorials to improve your skill further.

Here is the link to check it out:

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