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Top 10 Favorite “Plastic Business Cards”

Are you a business owner? Do you own business cards? If you are saying “Yes” to the above questions, spare a thought here- does your business card makes an impact? Do people take a second look on your card or they straight away shove it into their pockets? Well, business cards have the power to build up your brand. They are much more than a tiny rectangular piece of paper and scream heaps about your enterprise. Moreover, these cards are also known as one of the best marketing and branding tools. So, before you spend a buck on your business growth, get a plastic business card that reflects both your brand and industry. In this post, we’ll share with you 10 of our favorite plastic card designs. But before you finalize the business card, here is how an attractive business card can help with your marketing efforts. Business cards for Marketing Ever since businesses are going digital things like business cards, which were an essential tool in the past, are taken for granted. However, contrary to popular belief, having a beautifully designed custom-made plastic business card can actually catapult your marketing efforts. We all know that business card is a requirement; still, we fail to see it as the opportunity for marketing. It's time that you start seeing the business card as an excellent way to market your business to a captive and targeted audience. Here’s how your marketing strategy can benefit from the use of business cards: Adds tangibility to your business Every person that accepts your business card doesn’t just read it for your contact information but senses it. Make sure your business card’s design, size, etc. each plays a key role in delivering a unique message about the brand. As per your preference, the design of the card can emphasize honesty, reliability, trustworthiness or add a physical element to your contact information. Helps with networking Imagine yourself at a party, chatting with the people and or perhaps at a Starbuck getting your morning coffee. You encounter someone who can be a potential client or partner. What would you do? Simply note his number on your mobile phone or hand out your business card? Undoubtedly handing out a business card is much more professional and convenient when it comes to making connections. Affordable Advertisement For small businesses and startups, there are times when you are not able to spend a buck on marketing. That is when your business cards come in action. All you need is to add a tiny message about your offerings or some exclusive deals, and that is what brings the customers towards you. If not every time, they will come at least once to redeem the deal. With that being said, here are top 10 plastic business card designs that can work for you-
  1. Clear Plastic Business Card Image Source: Clear cards display your thoughts the best. Featuring a minimalist design, it holds the business name in the center and contact details at the edges. The overall design is quite clear, crisp, and is definite to serve an excellent option for professionals.
  1. Semi-transparent plastic business card Image Source: Well, only dead fish go with the flow. Are you also going for the horizontal business cards because your competitors are doing so? If yes! Take the switch and go for business card design featuring vertical printing. This business card is unique on several levels. Featuring a vertical design, its lower half is clear, while the upper portion in a contracting black featuring the business logo. Not only it will display your business details, but will also give an edge to your business as well.
  1. Clear Business Card – Dropbox
he creative ideas are endless with clear plastic business cards. So simple, yet so i Image Source: Do as the Dropbox does! It is unique business card that effectively reflects the brand. With a clear outlook, it makes both logo and your enterprise stand out of the crowd.
  1. Tinted grey frosted plastic card
inted grey translucent plastic card with defractional ink. How cool is that?! #inspi Image Source: Does your business have a colorful design scheme? Turn to this tinted grey frosted plastic business card! The creative design makes a visual statement and at the same time conveys the important information in an easy to read manner.
  1. Metallic Business Card
f I was a plastic card, I'd be this one! So elegant, I love it #inspirati Image Source: For businesses that plan on conveying a regaler image, a plastic business card with a metallic look like the one above is ideal. Although it is made from plastic, the card looks expensive and exquisite. And, hence will bring potential leads towards your business.
  1. Semi-metallic business card
etal business cards. Now that's something to aspire to! #getgreative #inspira Image Source: Metallic business cards are fairly an expensive investment. But, semi-metallic plastic business cards can provide you a similar look and feel at a lesser cost. The design of this card is solid plastic, but the metallic accents accentuate its appeal and let you create an effortless impression.
  1. Metallic Silver Plastic Business Card
 metallic finish showing on a light grey coloured plastic card wi Image Source: Another stunning design, these silver metallic business cards come with an opulent appearance. The design of the card lends an air of gravitas and adds credibility of the business. Moreover, it is also bound to give you a sense of luxury as well.
  1. Embossed Plastic Business Card
mbossed On Plastic Sheet As Credit Card Technique Of Printing Embosse Image Source: If your work hustle lies in the finance sector, this embossed business cards design is what you need for your business. The embossing in metallic silver color lends the card an expensive look and creates a superior impression in no time.
  1. Die Cut Plastic Business Card in the shape of a Bottle Image Source: The shape of this business card is its USP as it is customized as per the unique offerings of the business. The design is utterly creative and incredibly memorable.
  1. The evergreen classic business card
rofessional, branded plastic cards make a fantastic and reusable alternative to Image Source: When in doubt opt for the classic because nothing can beat the tried and tested design of the simple plastic business cards. The design of this business card is fresh, minimal and appealing. It only incorporates the logo and business name on the front, while holds the important contact details at the back. We hope our favorite plastic business cards listed above have provided you with enough inspiration for designing your very own business card that reflects your brand. You can get any one of these designs customized for your brand to have a handy and effective marketing tool in your pocket at all times.
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