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The Top 5 Trending Fonts to Look Out for In 2019

The Top 5 Trending Fonts to Look Out for In 2019

Whether you're creating a logo or designing a business, you want it to look contemporary. To that end, check out these trending fonts for 2019.

Some fonts, like Helvetica, are tried and true classics. They have no expiry date. Others, like Comic Sans, will definitely make your business cards or logos look like a blast from the past.

If you want to make your business stand out in the crowd, you should be aware of trending fonts. Typography designs often reflect the sensibilities of an era. They say something to the contemporary audience.

You want your logo to resonate with your clients. Moreover, you want it to say something about your business. Outdated and kitschy probably aren't words you want associated with your business.

As we head into 2019, take a look at some of the trending typefaces. These five font trends are going to be hot next year, and they'll help you communicate about your brand.

1. Helvetica and Its Alternatives Are Hot Again

Helvetica is the font that won't quit. Designers' love of it tends to come and go in waves. Even when Helvetica is "out," you'll find scads of typographers and graphic designers using it.

The mid-century font, designed in 1957, is one of the best examples of how to design a font.

You can't go wrong with Helvetica. If you're looking for something a little more original, try an alternative like Neue Haas Grotesk.

2. Slab and Vintage Are Trending Fonts

The interest in bespoke has finally spilled into the realm of typographic design. If you sell unique, handcrafted products, you want your logo and business cards to reflect that. Slab and vintage fonts are the perfect way to convey what you do to your customers.

Almost any business can make use of a slab or vintage script typeface, such as Claredon or the CS Maria family. The typeface is important in ornate, sign-style trending designs for logos.

3. Geometric Fonts Are in Demand

Blocky, geometric fonts have been currying favor with designers for a few years. Next year will see them hit the mainstream en masse.

These fonts aren't necessarily heavy. Nor are they limited to technical fields and science fiction. Bold and clear, a typeface like Futura or Europa might capture everything about your business.

4. Handwritten Fonts Are More Popular Than Ever

As handwriting itself disappears, people want to capture its sentimental feel for logos. As customization is more important than ever, and a handwritten font can make a logo feel personal.

It's little wonder more of these calligraphic fonts are claiming spots on the list of top fonts for logos.

5. A Custom Font is All for You

If you love the idea of a handwritten font for your logo but can't find the right one, you might consider a custom font. Some businesses do commission typefaces, particularly for use in branded material.

What Font is Right for Your Business?

Choosing a typeface for your branding and logo is an important decision. Since fonts communicate so much, you want to be sure what you choose has the right look and feel for your business. One of these trending fonts might be a good fit.

Of course, choosing a font isn't the only design decision you'll need to make. If you need a hand, why not talk to some graphic designers today?

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