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The Principles Behind the Psychology of Logo Design

The Principles Behind the Psychology of Logo Design

Anyone can design a logo. After all, nearly every business has one. But what makes one logo stick over another. Click here to understand the psychology of logos

There are power and meaning behind the logos for major companies worldwide.

Have you ever considered why FedEx uses such bright colors in their logo design?

Or have you ever noticed the hidden arrow shape found in FedEx? FedEx is a delivery company and therefore the use of an arrow indicates how packages start at one place and are moving forward to another with speed and precision.

These are just two examples of how company logos can be meaningful and why there is the psychology behind a logo design.

Read on to discover the principles behind the psychology of logo design.

1. Shape in the Psychology of Logo Design

The shapes of the logos you see are extremely thoughtful and take time to create in order to convey a company's message through specific visual elements.

You have to pay attention to who your audience demographic will be when choosing the best logo designs for your business. If you are a fashion boutique selling women's clothing, you will need to cater your logo design to attract women as clients.

Shapes play an important role in the psychology of logo design.

Circles and ovals suggest positivity and stability. These shapes often convey messages of friendship, love, and unity. Curves also tend to appear feminine and appeal toward women.

On the other hand, logos with squares and triangles project masculine attributes. Triangles, more specifically, are associated with science, religion, and law.

2. Psychology of Colors with Logo Design

Visuals are necessary components for all companies.

In addition to shapes, the colors chosen for a logo by a company are also essential for success. Color psychology can tap into overall brand identity.

Consider the brand Coca-Cola, for example. This popular beverage company is famously known for its jarring red and white coloring.

These colors represent power and passion. The bold red color on a can of Coca-Cola makes the brand immediately recognized.

3. The Use of Negative Space for Logos

Another tip when creating business logos is to consider implementing negative space.

Some businesses have utilized the emptiness that forms surrounding the subject of an image to create brilliant logo designs.

Negative space can make your logo design look sleek and clean.

The Pittsburgh Zoo, for example, illustrates a giant black willow tree and if you look close enough you can make out the shapes of a gorilla and cheetah on either side of the tree trunk.

The use of negative space allows artists to create more than one meaning in a single image. There are multiple focal points to recognize in one single image, as with the Pittsburgh Zoo, to show the zoo's passion for both nature and animals.

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