The Macallan Unveiled “The Macallan Edition Purple” In Collaboration with Pantone Color Institute

The Macallan, a renowned distillery company, located in Moray recently released The Macallan Edition No.5, a sweet-tasting whiskey with an amazing and extraordinary bonus: A new, accompanying hue from the professionals at the PCI or Pantone Color Institute. Also known as The Macallan Edition Purple, this new color will embellish boxes and bottles of the Edition #5 in a vibrant color never witnessed before in the history of whiskey. Both color geeks and whiskey geeks tend to get very keen about this good news. 

As the most complex hue in the rainbow, purple naturally felt like the perfect color to emphasize and show up the equally intricate process that’s involved in the making of The Macallan whiskey. According to Laurie Pressman, Pantone Color Institute Vice President, this new vibrant color made solely for “The Macallan Edition No.5, brings the exquisite blend of distinctive natural colors to life which found in this whiskey. 

When it comes to content, the Edition #5 whiskey is malt aged wholly in American oak, selected especially for its rich hue, in meeting the theme. The Macallan distillery illustrates the outcome as a stunning, bright barley hue combined with interestingly intense taste which hosts sweet notes of caramel as well as fresh fruit blend with oak spices. 

The Macallan Edition No.5 will be available in the liquor store soon with a suggested price of 4120, even if this looks like the type of whiskey which could go for considerably higher on the secondary market, most particularly one collector of Pantone gets involved. 

Tasting Notes Edition No. 5

  • Hue: Sunlit Barley 
  • Smell: Toffee and vanilla with notes of nutmeg, ginger, pear, oak as well as lemon basil. 
  • Taste: Sweet and fresh with caramel moving into ripe pear and poached peaches. Instantly followed by the sweetness of toffee with a bit of oak spices by using nutmeg and a gingerly hint on the side. 
  • Finish: Sweet and long 
  • ABV:96 proof of 48.5%

About the Macallan 

The Macallan distillery, a popular single malt whiskey distillery located in Craigellachie, Moray. This is entirely subordinate of the Edrington Group that acquired the company in 1999 from Highland Distillers.

In 2009 report shows that this company was the 3rd biggest selling single malt in the world with more than 500,000 cases per year and 2nd highest when it comes to value. In the year 2011, Edrington Group stated that before acquiring this company, The Macallan distillery was up to eight percent to more than 700,000 cases. On the other hand, the BBC confirmed that The Macallan branches out in NY to keep on the growing market in the US. 

In the beginning, this distillery was just matured in casks made of oak sherry introduced to the company all the way from the city of Jerez, Spain. Starting in 2004, the company presented a new main product, which is the Fine Oak, with the whiskey smoothed and rich in sherry one as well as Bourbon oak casks. Now, The Macallan is one of the most popular providers of amazing whiskey in the market at this point. 

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