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The Best Places To Distribute Your Flyers

We live in a digital day and age but there is still the need for a variety of printed marketing materials, including flyers. Your seasonal and promotional flyers must be targeted to your demographic and have artful and engaging design. Before design, you must consider where you will distribute your flyers. For best results, have different promotion codes for each flyer location so you can calculate your ROI.

Stackable Drop-Off Spots

While you’re out and about keep your eyes open for locations that allow local businesses to leave flyers or business cards. This often includes coffee shops, restaurants, community centers, coworking spaces, laundry mats, and the library.

Be strategic when selecting where to leave your flyers. Anywhere within walking distance is an excellent spot as it alerts patrons of nearby businesses. If outside of your neighborhood be a bit more strategic, selecting drop-off spots that are frequented by your demographic.

Don’t just drop and go, ask to speak to the business owner or shop manager to get their permission first. Be sure to leave your business card and take theirs, as you may think of a way one of your next flyers could be a cross-promotion between your two businesses.

Direct Mailers

There are two primary strategies for sending your flyers out directly. The first is to mail to your current client list. If you are a B2B or B2B2C company, make sure you address the flyer to precisely who you want it to go to.

The second strategy is to work with a local direct mail marketing company who has a database of local customers, or customers in your preferred service area. For maximum ROI choose a company that has targeted mailing lists, as opposed to mailing to everyone they have the address for.

Hand Out Your Flyers

Handing your flyers out directly is always effective. Just make sure you understand the local leaflet distribution laws. Then, select strategic times and places to distribute your flyers. For example, during lunch break or rush hour when foot traffic is high. A few options to consider include:

  • Place a flyer for an upcoming promotion in every customer’s bag at checkout
  • Leave a flyer with the final check at your restaurant or bar
  • Stand outside your storefront or at the nearest street corner and hand out flyers
  • If it’s allowed, place flyers underneath car windshields
  • With permission, head to a local community event or shopping center to distribute your flyers
  • If allowed in your area, head door to door to drop off flyers to local homes and businesses
  • Add your flyer to the gift bag of a local event you are sponsoring
  • Hand out at community events, industry events, or trade shows you are participating in


Instead of placing an ad in a local or industry newspaper or magazine, you can explore your options in having your flyer added as an insert. This often gives you a larger and less expensive ad option than printing directly in the publication. Small local publications may even let you add an insert for free.

By adding an insert, you are responsible for your own printing so you can print on your paper of choice and in high gloss or matte. You may even be able to print a two-sided ad. You will of course need to submit a design that stays within the publication’s guidelines, but you will be far less limited than with traditional ad options. For best results, target your flyer to the reader base, season, or publication.

Hang Your Flyers

Keep an eye out for permission-approved locations to hang your flyers. Many coffee shops, schools, grocery stores, and churches have community bulletin boards. Look for businesses that have flyers and posters posted in their windows. If you are allowed in your area, hang a few flyers at bus and train stops and on street and light polls.

Need New Flyers?

Now that you know where to place your flyers, you need new flyers! Print Peppermint can design and print your new invitations, single-sided flyers, double-sided flyers, half, tri-fold, and more. If you need, we can design and print it, or just print your existing designs.

One of the many things that make our services unique is that we print on a variety of materials including standard card stock, silk laminate, brown kraft paper, suede card stock, and more. We’re based in Corpus Christi, TX but our design team can work with you remotely and we print and ship your finished flyers anywhere in the US and Canada. Reach out today to start your flyer design!

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