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The best free calligraphy fonts for your next project

If you though calligraphy is a lost art, think again. Just look at the number of free calligraphy fonts, not to forget, the time and effort that goes into creating them and you will know that calligraphy is here to stay (even though it is in font form today).

Picking the right calligraphy fonts can come with its own share of ordeals. Either some are too ornamental looking and flashy for your simple designs or too minimalistic and modern for your formal designs.

Keeping this in mind, we have put together a list of calligraphy fonts that have just the right amount of swirls and curls.

Allura Regular

It is not complicated and completely legible. The font is ideal for package designs as well as a display typeface. Its key elements are:

  • A feminine flowing interface
  • A casual, handwritten look and feel
  • Comes with diverse potential uses


BlackJack gives a more delicate and curvy feel to your designs. It can be seen in its:

  • Modern, monoline typeface
  • Neat, clean and unpretentious style
  • Ability to blend well with any feminine or masculine design purposes


Balquis is a simple, modern handwritten style font. You can identify it by its:

  • Ability to add a personal, intimate touch to your design
  • Chilled out, relaxed vibe
  • Varying thickness and thin strokes


Sophia is another type in the free calligraphy fonts that adds a certain kind of character to your designs. It can be witnesses by its:

  • Varied thick and thin smooth strokes
  • Charismatic brush script
  • Hand drawn effect that exudes the effect of a personal touch to your design


Champignon is the ideal calligraphy font you can use for your headings and invitations. It is best suited for large to medium sizes of text. You can understand that Champignon is in play because of:

  • The classic feminine font
  • Daintily delicate thin strokes

Dancing Script

Much like the name is likely to tell you, the Dancing Script calligraphy font sashays its way through your text design. It puts in a friendly and stylish vibe to your designs. Some of its major elements are:

  • The dynamic, modern, casual font
  • Big caps that go underneath the baseline

Dr Sugiyama

Dr Sugiyama draws inspiration from early handwriting styles. This ensures you are sure to find an exotic appearance in your design. This is surely a font the audience will never forget. One design tip? The font can have a tendency to make your designs look more complicated so see that you use Dr Sugiyama in moderation. It has aspects such as:

  • Unusual ligatures
  • Very diverse stroke widths

Euphoria Script

Euphoria Script is a laid back and playful calligraphy font. The font design is ideal for short lines of text and titles related to fashion or food. Its design comes with:

  • Unconnected letters that make it easy to read
  • A creative and inventive vibe

Pay attention to these free calligraphy fonts and your web design is sure to be a niche above the rest creatively.

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