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The 5 Most Clever Logos of All Time

The 5 Most Clever Logos of All Time

If you're looking to create a unique brand logo for your business, but feel stumped, check out 5 of the most clever logos ever to get inspired.

Did you know that your brand identity is one of the leading factors for increasing sales?

After all, having a signature color alone can increase your recognition up to 80%. It's one of the best ways for customers to identify you from your competitors.

If you want your company to have clever logos, you need to take this into consideration. You don't want to end up as a brand lost in translation. Here are some of the cleverest logos that can help you pick the right company logo design:

1. Amazon

This company is one of the leading eCommerce websites in the world. Right now, it sits at 41% of the global market share in their industry. By 2021, it will take around half of the entire eCommerce market.

The online retailer sells a wide array of goods. You can see the logo's cleverness with the arrow pointing at the "A" and the "Z". In addition to this, you can interpret the logo as a smile of satisfaction you expect from customers.

2. Sony VAIO

Most people will miss the hidden message behind the VAIO (Visual Audio Intelligent Organizer). The Logo's "VA" looks like a sine wave while the IO looks like the numbers 1 and 0. The former represents the basic signal for analog while the latter is their digital binary signal counterpart.

What this means is that the logo represents the technological evolution. It represents the transition from analog devices to digital.

3. Toblerone

The oversized Toblerones are great presents to people of all ages. What most people miss is that there's an animal hidden within the logo. The Matterhorn Mountain has a bear climber, making it one of the top logos with a surprise twist.

The reason behind this bear is due to the fact that it's produced from the city of Bern. This Swiss city has a bear on its coat of arms.

4. FedEx

Another best logo design with hidden cleverness, it looks unassuming at first glance. What most people miss is the arrow between the "E" and the "X". It's a neat addition to an otherwise simple logo, and its designer said that it's only a hidden bonus.

5. Wikipedia

The logo of this online encyclopedia is almost always recognizable to most people. However, most people miss the true meaning behind the unfinished globe made from jigsaw pieces. Each piece has glyphs from different systems of writing in the world.

The meaning behind it is simple enough: it signifies the multilingualism of Wikipedia.

Learn How to Make Clever Logos Today!

It's hard to make the best logos ever. You need to invest a lot of time and effort to ensure it becomes memorable for years to come. Logos are your company's identity--if it's forgettable, your company will fade into obscurity.

These clever logos can serve as inspiration if you want to make a name for your business someday.

Do you need custom logo designs for your company? Contact us today and we can help you get a better, more unique logo you can be proud of.

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