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The 15 Best Business Card Templates of 2018

The 15 Best Business Card Templates of 2018

This year has seen some of the most creative and alluring business card templates ever designed. Here is a round up of the very best of 2018.

Even in today's digital age, business cards remain an important staple in the professional world. And, the age-old traditional marketing tool still has the potential to impact sales and boost company profits.

According to statistics, for every 2,000 business cards given out, a company's sales increase 2.5%. Given that the average box of business cards holds quantities of 250, this translates to about a 1% overall sales gain per every 3.2 boxes of business cards.

If your business card is lacking a wow-factor, now's the time to trade it in for a new and improved version.

Luckily, 2018 has proven to reveal some of the greatest business card template designs we've ever seen.

Business card templates can save your company money. And, with this year's template designs, you can create professional-looking cards without the hefty price charged by most professionals.

Read on to check out the best business card templates for 2018!

The 15 Best Business Card Templates of 2018

No matter what your job title, a great business card is an essential ingredient for effective networking. And, the more creative and snazzy the card, the greater the chance that you will be remembered by it.

Here are 15 business card templates that are sure to make the right impression!

1. The Artist's Card

The artist may have one of the greatest advantages when it comes to creating a unique design. Not only that, but they also have the ability to capture their professional identity in a way that few others can.

Creating a business-card sized work of original art and replicating its' design is an ideal way for the artist to represent themselves to others professionally. Imprinting cards with simple letterpress lettering and minimal wording add to the card's dramatic presentation.

2. Die-Cut Business Cards

Die-cut cards cut to match the shape of a signature product, signage, or other associated design are great choices for most retail businesses. Boutiques, specialty shops, and eateries can use them to create a charming countertop display.

These cards create an image that resonates with consumers and catches the eye of potential customers.

3. Photo Business Cards

A popular trend for business cards, especially in real estate and other major sales industries, is to add a professional photograph. This helps your network to familiarize themselves with a face, so they are more likely to recognize and remember you when they need the type of service that you offer.

But, today's most eye-catching photo business cards are much more than just a photograph on a plain background. They are cut in the shape of a house or key. They incorporate color, texture, and other features to turn more heads than ever before.

4. Silk Business Cards

Silk business cards have an extra special feel to them so that the card has the potential to evoke more than one of the senses. They are especially effective with the healing and self-care industries, because of their heavenly touch.

When matched with a clean logo, those like the Line Craft 18pt Silk Matte Business Cards, have a unique aesthetic appeal that's unlike any ordinary business card you've come across before.

5. Black Suede Business Cards

If you're looking for a design that sets you apart from others in your industry, you should take a look at black suede business cards. Not only does the luxurious feel of suede and the black background stand out to customers, but their lettering also tends to do the same.

A black background requires that the print be a color other than typical. Beautiful foil lettering maintains the lux design and gives your business card a shine that deserves a second look from your target audience.

Choose from metallic or color foil to achieve the exact look your business is after. Metallic foil is an excellent choice for indulgent service industries, such as florists and designers. While colored foil print leaves a rich, decadent impression on your business prospects and professional partners.

6. Color Changing Cards

For a creative design that people are less likely to toss, try a color changing plastic business card.

Statistics show that 88% of all business cards that are handed out get tossed in the trash within a week.

So, how do you boost the chances of your card not being one of them?

Experts suggest adding a surprising factor to your card's design. They recommend using a colored or plastic card to increase the odds of your card not landing in the wastebasket.

Combining these features is a sure way to create an out of the ordinary experience when you hand over your business card to those in your network.

7. Wood Texture Business Cards

A wood-textured finish gives business cards an appearance that is at once both down-to-earth and sophisticated.

If you're in the home improvement or construction industry, this is a choice that guarantees would-be customers will take you seriously and view you as a professional.

It's also a great pick for architects, craftsmen, and those who design or sell all types of furniture.

8. Entertaining Business Cards

What better to portray your expertise in the field of entertainment than to create a card that is truly entertaining?

Modern-day business card designs, complete with die-cut and color options, give you an opportunity to create something that's more than a piece of sturdy, plain paper. Traditional business cards, often set in a sea of white and bearing a boring logo, aren't entertaining at all.

Instead, opt for a card that transforms into a game or character to make a more lasting impression on your audience.

9. Circle Business Cards

Sure, a circle-shaped business card might not fit squarely in a wallet like the rest. But, it's definitely different than most. And, given the magnitude of business cards that are handed out, it's unlikely that most end up in a wallet, anyway.

A circular business card, then, capitalizes on its' unique shape. This at least gives it a better chance of being one that is remembered above the countless cards with the same old, average rectangular shape.

When coupled with creative colors and a unique design, circle business cards have the potential to hang around for much longer than those that are so hastily trashed.

10. Cheap Business Cards

Let's face it. One of the most sought-after qualities of a business card, at least for many of us, is one that's inexpensive. And, although we may want a card that's cheap, we don't want it to look that way.

If you're among those searching for a cheap business card that doesn't appear low-budget, you're in luck.

Today's business card templates give you the power to create a great looking card at a super-low price.

Check out the plethora of free templates available online til you find one that you love.

Just, be sure that you don't skimp too much. Do it yourself versions are fine. But a cheap paper stock is a dead giveaway that your business is pinching pennies.

11. Spot UV Business Cards

Spot UV business cards make brilliant use of the aging technology that's been used to create cards for years.

UV business cards are nothing new. But, spot UV business cards are.

These cards create a visually stimulating experience by applying a UV gloss to specific areas, rather than the entire card. The result is a card that's anything but average.

12. Painted Edge Business Cards

Business cards with a colored edge grab attention but do so in a way that is subtle and charming. They are a great choice for creative industries who want to come across as unusual and inviting, without seeming over-the-top.

Those working in the education sector can use this look to create a card that's playful and original, while still appearing clear and professional.

13. Thick Business Cards

One of the most effective and unusual business cards are ones that have a heavier weight than a traditional card.

Thick business cards can be simple or fancy. Either give customers the impression that you won't cut corners when delivering service. And, that's exactly what most consumers are looking for.

14. Embossed Business Cards

Embossed lettering creates a sensory experience through touch and appearance.

An embossed business card presents beautifully. And, its' texture stands alone to help your card stand out. So, simple wording and understated graphics are perfect to draw attention to your authenticity as a brand or professional.

These are top-notch choices for writers, including journalists, or specialty retailers.

15. Custom Business Cards

You can create your very own custom business card template using one or more of the suggested designs listed above. Or, you might decide on a different design that captures your unique professional identity even better.

Want to Create Your Own Customized Business Card?

You'll be surprised at what you can create using the awesome selection of business card templates that are available. Even if you've always relied on the creativity of others in the past, you too can create a beautiful design all your own.

Why not try your hand at creating your own customized business card?

Create a custom business card that you'll be proud to share today!

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