The 10 Best Mini Business Card Holders and Cases

Mini business cards — or minicards — are cute-yet-functional business cards that have become trendy in certain niches in recent years, but finding products for minicards can be difficult at first, especially since most business card holders/cases are geared towards your run-of-the-mill standard business cards.
Luckily, the trend of minimal mini business card products is slowly being broken as more and more customers turn to minicards as their go-to business card option.
So, we decided we would scour the internet again (like we did for square business cards,) and find you the best-of-the-best.
From Etsy to Moo to eBay, here are the top 10 best mini business card holders and cases.

It's the "Vinyl" Countdown

There's something about Vinyl cases that mixes functional, cheap, and artistic together in a seamless way. User DearSuki over at Etsy has been using Vinyl to create some awe-inspiring mini card cases that are unique, colorful, and, best of all, about $7 a pop!
DearkSuki takes interesting patterned papers and sews vinyl over them. The result? A well-priced mini card case with some pop and personality. There are tons of different patterns to choose from over at her Etsy shop.

We "Felt" Like Including This One

What's better than a hinged mini business card case that's compact, portable, and locks with the push-of-a-button? How about one that does all of that, but is also covered in a light grey felt?
User RAVAREDesign over at Etsy has created such a minicard case. They cost $16 apiece, and they're minimal yet bold. Check them out.

You "Wood"n't Believe It

While felt and vinyl are great (especially to the touch,) wood will always get us to turn our heads. Maybe it's the old-school-cool look of the wooden business card holder displaying the prominent minimalist white business card in that 70s marketing agency, or perhaps it's the smell and feel of a well-polished wood product.
Either way, wood cases, and holders are always a good idea. User blackbosk over at Etsy is selling well-polished Baltic birch wood mini business card cases covered in a deep dark leather that close in a "snap." If that doesn't peak your interest, who knows what "wood."
Check them out.

"Moo"ve Out of the Way

RAVAREDesign over at Etsy isn't the only company pumping out felt business card holder. Moo has a great mini business card case that's entirely made of felt and comes in tons of wacky colors. Here's the kicker: it's only $7.
Hey, they may be our competition, but that doesn't mean that they can't make some great products. This mini business card case is one of those products.

Here's the "Brief" On Our Latest "Case"

So you have these great mini business cards that you will certainly act as a talk-trigger for anyone that you give them too! That's great! But, you know what you should carry those miniature business cards in? A miniature briefcase of course!
There are a ton of these on eBay. Ok, so it's not strictly for mini business cards, but it will fit them snuggly. This is an excellent option for those of you that want to make an immediate impression on your clients!

"Wood" You Hold Onto This?

We're huge fans of the minimalist style. So, when there's an opportunity to get a desk accessory that's wood and minimalist, we're in! FortheHost over on Etsy has some incredible two-tone card holders made of solid maple wood.
Check them out.

"Slide" On Over

Moo gets the privilege of making this list twice! Not only is their hyper-affordable felt case a great option, but their colorful mini business card sliding card case is also a steal. These plastic slide cases let you whip out your mini business card in style. You can literally slide a card out of your palm. Not only that, they come in tons of different colors, and they cost less than $5!

The "Bare" Necessities

Are you one of those people that would prefer to get the bare minimum? This solid wood mini business card holder from user HappyBungalow over at Etsy is only $3.50! It's not the most in-your-face option. But, it's a great budget option for those that want to get their business cards displayed on their dusk with no fuss.
Check it out.

Let's Push the "Envelope"

We're big into presentation; we think it makes all the difference. So, we loved these mini Kraft envelopes in dark brown with a rustic rope tie. Not only are they beautiful, but they're a great way to make an impact at your next business meeting. Hand out some envelopes. Make people work to get that beautiful mini business card!
These ones from ChickyDoodle over on Etsy are stunning!

We're Running Out of "Camo"

This camo patterned printed leather MiniCard holder may be the last feature on this list, but it's certainly not the least. User Adsol on Etsy has created an absolutely beautiful mini card case. As of right now, you can only get this printed leather mini business card case in a camo pattern. This would be great to attach to a lanyard and carry around your neck.
Check them out here.


These are our favorite business card cases/holders on the internet currently. If you want to check out some more, head on over to Etsy. We love supporting small artists, and Etsy usually has some steals. Miniature business cards can make a massive impression on your clients. Anytime that you take something that too many people do "boring" (like business cards) and make them fun, exciting, and impressionable again, you're going to be remembered for it.
If you're interested in getting some mini business cards, check out our Mini Business Card selection. All of our cards are printed on high-quality paper using 4-color offset printing techniques! We can even design your card for you if you're having a tough time. If you have any questions or concerns (or even if you just want to talk!) contact us! We love hearing from you guys.
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