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Sticker Marketing 101: Are Business Stickers Still Relevant?

Are Business Stickers Still Relevant?

Everyone likes stickers. And that's one of the reasons why sticker marketing still works today. If you want to know more about business stickers, stick around for some interesting sticker facts!

Promotional stickers are nothing new. But there's a reason why they're still being used today: They work.

Everyone likes free stickers, so it only makes sense for you to use them to promote your business in a way that is proven to benefit your bottom line. Here's a rundown on why business stickers are still relevant.

Let's dig in!

Stick out with Business Stickers

Digital marketing is an increasingly popular and important marketing tool today. The problem, though, is that it's become an extremely crowded space. In fact, the online world has become so saturated that consumers are now becoming blind to online advertisements.

In light of this, marketing stickers will no doubt help you to stand out in the modern marketplace. The offline space is less crowded now than ever before, so it's a smart move to take advantage of this.

Stickers Help People to Easily Advertise for You

You likely have a few loyal clients who are excited to recommend you to family and friends. However, most customers won't make the extra effort to proactively promote you.

With stickers, they don't have to.

All your customers have to do is apply your stickers on items they own. That's it. It requires minimal effort on their part, yet you end up with walking advertisements that can take your word-of-mouth advertising to the next level.

Stickers Are Not Expensive, and They're Welcome

One of the drawbacks of many advertising mediums today is the high price tags that come with them.

The great thing about marketing stickers is that they don't require a large financial investment.

In addition, many customers are irritated by traditional advertising. After all, they don't want to be sold to in an aggressive manner.

However, with stickers, the psychology totally changes. Instead of being frustrated about being marketed to, people who receive business stickers focus on where they should apply them or who they'd like to give them as gifts.

In other words, it's a marketing tool that consumers actually enjoy. And you benefit because stickers serve as wonderful reminders for consumers to do business with you in the future.

Stickers Complement Your Other Promotional Campaigns Well

When you choose to use stickers, there's no need to throw the baby out with the bath water. You can still use stickers along with online marketing and other advertising tools for the greatest results.

For instance, let's say you plan to create a list of online subscribers. You can offer each consumer a free sticker for his or her email address. You could even place QR codes on your marketing stickers to boost awareness of your online campaigns and potentially increase your online sales.

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