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Sticker Marketing Benefits: 8 Reasons Businesses Should Promote With Stickers

Just because multiple social media platforms have taken over the world, doesn't mean they've completely taken over the marketing world as well. Sure, there are many benefits to using social media for marketing and businesses should take advantage, but it's important to keep in mind the benefits of offline marketing tactics as well.

There are plenty of times when you either don't have access to the internet, aren't allowed access to the internet, or are simply just trying to enjoy the world around you. You're not the only one. This is when sticker marketing is most beneficial.

Your business needs sticker marketing and we're here to tell you why. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Increases Exposure

Using sticker marketing increases your business' exposure. Because so many businesses are looking to the internet for marketing campaigns, it's becoming a bit overcrowded and many people are blind to ads on the internet at this point. Using sticker marketing helps you stand out from the rest and expose your business in the offline world that's now less crowded than ever before.

Not everyone goes online, but everyone goes outside. Sticker marketing is a way to reach thousands of people a day because they're not only used on cars. Brand stickers are found on laptops, cellphone cases, water bottles, and much more!

2. Allows Creativity

When creating your own sticker, there's a lot of room for creativity. Stickers can be customized in every aspect including shape, design, and more. Many companies have found creative ways to draw people's attention to their unique stickers.

Some companies used stickers placed on the ground that would stick to the bottom of a person's shoes when he or she stepped on it. The person would then go to remove the sticker and there would be an important message there. Other companies used scents to attract their target audience.

The levels of creativity are endless!

3. Provides Cost-Effective Marketing

Stickers are one of the more cost-effective marketing strategies. They're more affordable than other strategies, and because people react so well to them, it makes them even more cost-effective. Rather than coming on too aggressively to potential customers, stickers act as a gift item when passed out.

People love receiving free merchandise from companies and stickers are no exception. Even if the person who receives your sticker doesn't have a use for it, he or she will find someone they know that would enjoy the sticker and pass it on to them instead. People will appreciate the gesture and will more than likely remember to work with your company in the future.

4. Helps Other Marketing Campaigns

Stickers are a great way to help other marketing campaigns within your business. For example, consider placing your website on the sticker or social media page link. When you hand out stickers to people or when people see your stickers around town, they'll also take note of the website or social media link on it as well.

This is how you'll increase your traffic online. You could also offer a company sticker to those who sign up for your newsletter or something similar. There are many ways in which stickers can help your other marketing campaigns.

Just think about what other campaigns you already have and how you can incorporate them into your stickers.

5. Offers Customer Appreciation

Your stickers will act as a customer appreciation gift rather than a marketing tool. You know that the sticker is a way to market your brand, but customers will see it as a "thank-you" gift for their loyalty or their business. The best way to do this is to understand who your target audience is and then create stickers that adhere to their lifestyles.

You should also provide more than one sticker design and allow your customers to choose which one they like best. Not only will your customers enjoy picking out something they like, but you'll get a better idea of which stickers appeal to your target audience the most.

6. Permits Ease of Sharing

Stickers make it easy to share your business' details to all of those in the neighborhood. They can be placed pretty much anywhere such as sidewalks, ceilings, windows, laptops, refrigerators, restrooms, and so much more! Anyplace that has enough space to fit your sticker is a place where you can share it.

As long as you're placing them with permission, you're good to go!

7. Opens Co-Branding Opportunities

Speaking of placing stickers with permission, stickers open co-branding opportunities for your business. Co-branding is a win-win situation that usually involves two different places of business that are non-competitors are work together to promote one another's brand. For example, you might walk into your local coffee shop and notice that there's a basket with stickers from the local bike shop next store.

In return, the bike shop will provide a way to market the coffee shop such as displaying their menus at the front desk or any other marketing strategies that the coffee shop request.

8. Brings In Its Own Profits

At the very least, sticker marketing brings in its own profits as well. This is because although handing out stickers works wonderfully as a gift, you can also begin to sell your stickers as well. If you create a brand that's well-loved and a sticker that's creative and uniquely designed to target your customers, then people won't have a problem making the purchase.

You'll get paid for the sticker itself and then you'll have a walking marketing campaign whether your customer decides to place the sticker on his or her water bottle, cellphone, or anything else.

Start Your Sticker Marketing Strategy Today!

With all of the wonderful benefits that sticker marketing has to offer, what's stopping you from creating your own today? If you're a freelancer or graphic designer, now is the time to take these 8 benefits and present them to a company or business that you believe might enjoy learning about them.

Contact us now to get your custom quote!

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