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SnowShoe Introduces Spark Card™, First IOT Paper Product for Customer Authentication

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Snowshoe launches the first world Internet of Things paper product — Spark Card™. The Portland –based company is renowned for developing physical presence systems for mobile verification. Spark Card™ adds to its already impressive line of mobile authentication technologies, permitting real-time physical verification with multiple capacitive touchscreens.  

The vision behind Spark Card™ is bringing to life SnowShoe’s proprietary checking technology in various printed forms, including packaging and direct mail cards. This revolutionary iOT system can plug into any touchscreen mobile device, making in-person customer experience in organizations a safe and contactless transaction.

 “The Spark Card™ is a big step forward for the Internet of Things,” says Ned Hayes, CEO of SnowShoe. “Our market-tested technology is already used by companies worldwide for fraud proof, easy-to-use authentication. With the Spark Card™, our clients can now produce a customized promotional piece that delivers the check-in process directly to customers. Your brand is in their hands.”

To make this innovative iOT solution a reality, SnowShoe collaborated with Print Peppermint, a market leader in innovative printing techniques and products. Print Peppermint boasts an impressive portfolio of clients — Google, Vice Media, Delta Airlines, and many more established International companies. 

"Print Peppermint is overjoyed to partner with the leading provider of point-of-presence authentication solutions,” says Austin Terrill, CEO of Print Peppermint. “We believe this new innovative card is a game changer and will help to revitalize retail around the world -- we're jazzed to be part of SnowShoe's momentum and are excited to partner as their go-to-market provider in this critical market!"

Austin Terrill, CEO of Print Peppermint

The Spark card supersedes outdated modes of in-person verification, such as paper coupons and signed deliveries. Shipping Companies can now package products with readable Spark Cards™, allowing customers to scan the cards with their mobile devices to authenticate doorstep delivery. Customers can also redeem special discounts, promotions, and instant cards via the company’s website in the comfort and convenience of their home. 

The Spark Card is an offline, ubiquitous and multi-channel solution, allowing customers to print a unique iOT pattern on any surface of choice, including metal, paper, wood, and plastic. Any device can read this pattern, without an active connection, such as external power, batteries, Wi-Fi or NFC. Companies can integrate this innovative proprietary algorithm with any business app, paving the way for a convenient and seamless experience for both customers and organizations. 

The Spark Card™ is available now. 

You can place an order online (, via email ( and by phone (458.206.0567). 

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Print Peppermint is the industry leader in innovative print technologies and products. Print Peppermint boasts an impressive portfolio of clients — Google, Vice media, Delta Airlines, NBA and many other International brands. Print Peppermint has an experienced and versatile design team that helps global clients actualize the most creatively demanding high-end projects. Since 2010, Print Peppermint has been the number one choice of more than 10,000+ designers and agencies. To date, Print Peppermint has completed 5M+ print projects. 

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About SnowShoe

Based in Portland, Snowshoe, is the pioneer in mobile authentication technologies, having developed the first innovative capacitive touchscreen mobile verification system. The company is known for its creative and daredevil innovation in hardware design, with its technologies vouchsafed by 17 patents and several trade secrets. Spearheaded by its Proprietary technology and multi-talented design team, Snowshoes has worked with industry leaders worldwide to provide solutions and optimize customer experiences. Snowshoes breakthrough iOT app closes the gap between digital identity and physical presence. Snowshoe’s innovative enterprise solutions can be integrated into a wide variety of promotional and loyalty events applications for companies and customers. 

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