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Rookie Republic Business Card Design Example

Strikingly Gold, Decisively Bold


About the Client

Rookie Republic believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur; it’s all a matter of mindset. All you need is a good deal of ambition. It’s an organization with the goal of empowering young and ambitious entrepreneurs (or Rookies) by creating inspiring content and hosting events focused on starting a business. With Rookie Republic, individuals can uncover their true potential through connection, motivation, and inspiration.

Gold, Bold, and Very Fitting

This standard-sized business card is an attention-grabber. The card design displays a contrasting gold-on-white combination on one side and a white-on-gold pattern on the other. Set in white against a striking gold background are the words “GOLDEN TICKET,” a reference to the extremely rare golden tickets in the Roald Dahl novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Indeed, receiving this business card will feel like being handed a rare opportunity that promises a wonderful adventure.
The reverse side is just as bold with the phrase “I BELIEVE IN YOU” set in gold. Underneath this phrase, also in gold, is the company’s website set in smaller type. Providing only this clue about the organization adds a mysterious element to the card — discovering the group seems like a fun and exciting game.
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