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Rivers Edge Foundry Business Card Design Example

Minimalism with a Hint of Elegance


About the Client

Founded in 1983, Rivers Edge Foundry, LLC, is an art restoration company based in Beloit, Wisconsin. It prides itself on having the resources, skills, and experience to bring your old or damaged piece of art back to life.

Simple, Striking, and Elegant

This standard-sized business card is minimal and effective. Printed at the center of one side of the pristine white card is nothing but the company’s logo in black ink. With this, the logo is effectively placed in focus. The stark contrast of the black ink against the white paper looks beautiful and emphasizes the robust lines and edges of the logo.
The reverse side of the card contains the company’s name printed at the top-center, with the company’s address and contact details at the bottom-left and bottom-right respectively. The gold lining, the sans serif font, and the overall minimalist approach work together to achieve a balance between classic and contemporary. Finally, debossed at the center is the company logo, which adds a hint of texture to complete the effect.
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