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Redhawk Lucas Construction Repair Business Card Design Example

Spot UV Elevates an All-Black Design


About the Client

Redhawk Lucas provides custom carpentry, remodeling, and fabrication services for events. Lucas previously worked as a fabricator for Pacific Studio, where he collaborated with museums, national parks, universities, and art centers across the US. He is currently based in Austin, Texas, working as a field project manager at Ion Art. Aside from woodwork and fabrication, Lucas also creates home décor and jewelry out of gemstones and wood.

Spot UV Creates Depth on an All-Black Design

This business card features an all-black design on textured paper. In order to show the logo and text, spot UV technique is used. The effect involves coating certain parts of the card with a glossy finish. Once treated under UV light, these parts become more prominent with their distinct shine.
In this case, the saw and the contact information show spot UV effect. Because spot UV can be customized, it allowed for precise detailing on the parts without the glossy finish, such as the company name.
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