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Rail Car Omaha Business Card Design Example

Modern and Classic Themes Work Well Together


About the Client

Railcar Modern American Kitchen specializes in the classic American dining experience. The restaurant serves comfort food made from scratch, as well as craft cocktails. The must-haves in the restaurant’s menu are the succulent house-smoked ribs with its signature cherry barbecue sauce and the bestseller house-baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream topping.
Railcar is the brainchild of veteran chef Jared Clarke. He has a food science degree from the University of Nebraska, and he’s trained in American, French, and Asian cuisines. He worked at different top restaurants and developed dishes for allergen-sensitive customers before opening Railcar in Omaha.

Business Card Reflects the Company’s Aesthetic

The featured business card showcases both the company’s modern aesthetic and classic roots. One part of the business card shows a picture of an old train, set in sepia, from which the restaurant’s logo was designed. It’s reminiscent of the charm of classic trains. The business card itself manages to achieve the look of a train ticket with its size and color combination of dark magenta and orange.
The remaining space prominently displays the company logo, which makes it easy to remember. Aside from showing the company website and other contact details, the business card serves a dual purpose — it’s a discount card, too!
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